Day 1: It Begins: 10.00 AMMature

The overalls seem to a little bit to big for me, but I don't think there going to care. I take a deep breath in, I'm ready for what's to come, and step around, she sees me, and tugs me towards her. 

"Looks a little to big on her" the one says by the exit door. 

"Hm, yeah" the woman says tugging me and goes around a desk. She pulls out a new uniform and comes over to me. 

"Extra small.... go put it on, be quick" she pushes me around the corner. Quickly, I rip the overalls off I have on and step into the other ones, they fit perfectly. I step around the corner. "Alright you, off to meet the head witch."

"Haha" the other two laugh. My right arm is taken behind my back and cuffed, my left is brought behind and also cuffed. I have a feeling that I'll need to get used to this. 

"This should be a hoot" the one in front of me laughs. We walk down a corridor, black walls, black floor, black ceiling. We turn right at the end and walk down the next corridor. A door opens at the end on the right and someone steps out. 

"Ah, so this is the famous Amy Parker" a croaky old woman's voice says. We walk nearer, and I come face to face with an oldish woman, short black hair tied back in a low ponytail, menacing green eyes, and a wicked smile. 

"In here" I am pushed into the room, and then realise it is her office. "You two stand in, you sit down" I am pushed down into a seat and held, the woman sits behind the desk and smiles at me. "So, Amy Parker, this is your life sentence" those words, life sentence, ring through my ears. I will be spending the rest of my life in here and I am almost certain that this woman will be the death of me. 

The End

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