Day 1: Inside: 9.30AMMature

"The sooner we get her done here" a woman says walking towards me, she grabs my collar and throws me down in a seat. "The sooner she can suffer... smile." Something flashes, and stuns my vision, I now see stars flashing in front of me. My collar is grabbed, again, and I am picked up. "Get her in the machine"

"My job is done" someone says on my left. 

"Seya later Al"

"Seya" a door shuts. 

"Hey, you gonna uncuff her?" someone new asks. 


"Uncuff the girl, or we'll be hearing alarms"

"Fine" the cuffs are grabbed, and I feel a key in the cuffs and my hands drop down by their sides. They are free. My right hand is grabbed and I am led into something. I still feel stunned, and I am still seeing stars. I make out a massive machine in front of me with a red line, what is it going to do to me? I move. "Hey! Don't.. move!"I don't want them to hurt me anymore, I stop, and don't move a muscle. 

I hear the machine come to life and the red line moves downwards. I take a deep breath in, and hold my breath. It comes down past my chest, past my waist and then to my feet, it stops..... what now? I breathe in again, and scan the room. Three people, the one whose been ordering me around, one by the exit door to the outside world, and one by the door to the prison. 

"Huh, look at that, she's clean" the one in front of me says. 

"Surprise there" one by the entrance says. 

"Yup, get here" I move out quickly towards her. "Uniform" she puts clothes into my arms, black overalls, white t shirt. "Now put it on" she pushes me around a wall, she walks back around. "And hurry up, we don't have all day" I look down into my arms. This is it, I put these overalls on and I am going to be locked up for the rest of my life. Tears well up into my eyes, I just wish the floor would swallow me up. 

The End

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