Day 1: New Home: 9.00AMMature

"Get up!" a voice yells at me and a hand strikes me face. I sit upright and try to pull my hands in front of me but I can't as they are cuffed behind my back. I open my eyes quickly and look around trying to focus on my surroundings. Then I remember that I am in the back of a prison van.

"Uhmmmmm" I moan and try to get my head straight, but I am struck again over the head. 

"Don't stutter, now get up!" I am grabbed by my collar and dragged out of the room I was in. "Get on your feet and walk!" I am pushed, I see gravel below me with nothing to catch my fall with, I land straight on my face . 

"Mmm" I groan in pain. 

"What's the matter with her?" someone asks in front. 

"God only knows" the one who I first met says. I turn my head to see her, a woman, late 20's maybe, long tied hair tied back and fiery green hungry eyes. I am grabbed by the collar again, and pulled to my feet. She holds the cuffs with her left hand, and moves her right hand to the back of my neck. Her hand is cold and makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, I then flinch, which only makes her grip tighter on my neck. 

"Come on you" I am surged forward though an open door and a bright light comes into my vision. This is it. My life, in this hell hole. I will never get to see daylight again. That laughter I hear in the background, may be the last thing I hear before I die. 

The End

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