A sequel to Sorrow. Prison in the year 8473 is not an easy place to live. Amy is in prison for the rest of her life, how will she cope?

Prison is not an easy place to live in the year 8473. It is in fact the worst place to life. It's not like any other prison you've heard of before. Not only do the guards beat you to a pulp, they make you remember the crimes you committed, they make you beg for mercy and they make you pay for what you have done. 

I knew the moment that I was caught my life was over. If I wasn't weak and had starved myself beforehand, I could have gotten away. But it is better said than done. I am now living here until the day I die. 

Suicide is my only option. But that is impossible with eyes watching me at all times. This prison will kill me one of these days, and I pray that day will come soon. 

The End

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