Ignore him

I know my dad can be pretty harsh at times, but I really wanted to talk to marcy  about Dannys party tonight.  Maybe if u pretend not to hear him he'll go away, I thought.   

"so are you going to Dannys party tinight?" 
But, before Marcy had time to answer my dad reached over and ripped the phone cord.from the wall. The phone went dead. I could feel my face burning, I felt the anger boiling. 

"i-is told y-ou ta get off the phone! "

 I felt the tears filling up in my eyes as I picked up the reciever and wailed it across the room. Another inch and it would of smacked my dad right in the head.

 "I hate you! I wish I never had to see you again, just get out of my room!" I yelled as I ran to my bed and through my face into the pillow.  I hated when they bossed ne around, I'm not a little kid anymore, I'm an adult, why can't they treat me like one. I'm 16 years old , yet they still treat me like a 4 year old.  
After about an hour I called down quite a bit, and walked back over to the window and sat down.

The End

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