Hang up the phone

"oh my god , this is so unfair dad!" 
He gave me the look, the one he always gives me before I get in huge trouble. If looks could kill I definitely would be dead. I'm already in huge trouble for sneaking out past curfew the other night, so I figure I might as well try to stay out of as much trouble as I can. 

" Listen Marcy, the donor wants the phone so I have to go, talk to you later "

I angrily slammed the receiver down, and crossed my arms.

"Happy now?" I asked.   
He didn't even answer. He just smiled and walked back out of my room, with a loud thud my door slammed behind him. I rolled my eyes and sat back down on my windowsill. I had one of those huge windows, and the windowsill was kind of like my area. I could stretch out my legs and sit there while watching the hustle and bustle of the busy streets below.  when I was just a little girl I used to curl up on the windowsill and pretend I was Rapunzel. Some day my knight in shining armor would come and rescue me, I would become a real princess. As I got older I realized that was all just a fairy tale, but I still love this window just as much.

The End

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