Elsie was like any other teen girl, she thought her life was worse than everyone else. After her boyfriend leaves her for her best friend she had more than she could handle and she runs away ,finds a door to another world which she finds a princess that looks just like Her named princes Evelyn she is the princess of Wesley cantera. Her plan is to make Elsie take her place as princess so she can live a normal life. Is being a princess everything Elsie wanted it will she try to find her way home

It was a beautiful day outside and here I was stuck inside doing the usual, nothing. I took a puff of my cigarette as I let out a sigh.

"God damn it, I can't wait to move out on my own, my parents are such a drag" I said to Marcy, who I was talking to on the phone. 

"oh quit it Elsie, they aren't that bad" Marcy chuckled.

Elsie that's what almost everyone called me. It was short for Elizabeth. Suddenly my bedroom door flung open, and in walked my father. He was drunk as usual. He had black greasy hair, guess he was too drunk most of the time to wash his hair and trim his uneven goatee.

"It'ss ti-ime y-you git offa that thing" my father scorned me, in a drunken, slurred voice.

I quickly put my cigarettete out, my parents didn't like me smoking, they said it wasnt lady like.

I started twisting my long red hair around my fingers and rolled my eyes at him and refocused my attention back to the phone.

The End

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