Bright light broke through Selena's eyelids. She struggled to open them but sleep fought back. She prized first one, then the other open.

Light. Rainbows of colour shot across her vision, splitting and joining in the most  intriquet patterns imaginable. Selena blinked, and shapes became clear through the colours. She blinked again. Definate flitting shapes, small and delicate fluttered in and out of her vision as sleep tried to reclaim her. And then, cold shock. Water poured over her head refreshing her and sending shivers down her spine. Her head span round, sending dizzy sparks across her vision. her eyes finally focussed on the shape of Catarina, who was holding a bucket. A small smile flitted across the girl's face before she sobered her expression.

"Good morning sleepy head."

"Wha...What happened?"

"The fairies had to knock us out. They didn't want us to know how to get in to their home."

"Or how to get out."

"Don't be silly. The fairy Queen showed me how to do that about three hours ago."

"Three hours? How long was I asleep for?"

"You've been asleep for about two days. You needed it as well. I thought I'd lost you when I first woke up. But then the snoring started."

"I do not snore!"

She grinned. "How would you know?"

Selena sat stumped for an answer for a moment before she was distracted by a group of fairies flying close to her head. They carried a basket of fruit and placed it next to her hand on a small part of the wooden ledge she was at upon. Her hands greedily grabbed at the fruit; she hadn't realised how hungry she was until she saw the ripe juice filled delights being put down.

As Selena munched at the fruit, Catarina filled her in on what she had missed. She described the fairy home with awe, and spoke of the fairy King and Queen as if they were gods.

"I have not yet met the fairy prince, but they say when you are ready, we will all meet up at the palace and he will be inroduced to us."

"Oh the joy!"

"Come on Selena, this is so exciting. They're real fairies. how can you not be excited?"

"I just think we ought to get going. You know your father is still looking for you."

"he'll never find me here. The fairies will protect us. Now come on. i can't wait to go to fairy court."

The End

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