Waking upMature

Suddenly, after a few weeks, Selena was awake. She looked around her properly for the first time, then murmured,


She got up quickly, shaking her head in an effort to stay awake. Catarina's eyes fluttered and she murmered "Selena".

"Get up, quickly." Catarina opened her eyes fully this time, and gazed about her.

"Where are we? I thought we were by the pool? Who brought us here?"

Selena's face was livid as she answered Catarina's many questions.

"Faries. Bloody, dammned stupid airy-fairy fairies!"

"Fairies? But I thought they were extinct."

"No. We should have been travelling all this while and instead we've been there bloody playtoys!"

"Selena, please calm down, you're scaring me." Selena's face softened as she looked at Catarina's frightened face.

"Don't worry darling, it'll be fine. I'll calm down now." Catarina smiled. "Come on. We might as well find the buggers and ask if they can give us food to carry with us."

"Ooh faries, I can't wait to see them!"

"You sound like a child." Catarina pouted and Selena laughed. "I'm only kidding, come on."

They walked a little way before reaching another clearing. At one end there was a gigantic tree, it's branches curled in to all sorts of different patterns and with flowers of all sorts flowing round it. Catarina gasped and a smile lit up her face at the beautiful sight. She clapped her hands. Selena smiled at her childishness and took her hand. They walked towards the tree and explored it. Suddenly a tall slim figure emerged from the tree. It floated towards them and they watched spellbound. Suddenly the air was filled with the creatures and they were flying round them all the time just staring. Suddenly Selena realised what they were doing.

"Shit..." The world went black, and Selena faded out of consciousness.  

The End

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