The pool.Mature

Selena woke to the sound of soft breathing. She could feel each breath tickling her cheek. Opening her eyes she saw Catarina looking at her with her startling eyes. Selena smiled.


"Morning. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes, better than I ahve in months. But then I didn't really get as much sleep as I have recently either." She said pointedly.

Catarina laughed. "Are you complaining?"

Selena jumped to her feet, pulling the other girl with her.


"Well good."

Selena laughed then paused. "Listen, can you hear that?"



As she said it Selena realised how parched her throat was. She pulled Catarina through the trees for only a few seconds before they found the water. A little trickling stream ran through a natural bed. Selena bent to taste it. It was clean and cool. They stayed by the pool, drinking their fill, then Selena stood, and began to follow the stream down the slight hill. Catarina followed, curious. As they neared the bottom of the hill they both gasped. A huge pool, sparkling in the morning sunlight, stretched before them. It was beautiful to look at. The strange thing was, the pool was green.

They ran down the hill and paused at the dge of the pool, excited at the chance to swim. Here the water was clear as it should be. Selena was puzzled but then, as she looked closer, she saw that the pool's floor was scattered with green pebbles, creating the glowing green affect the pool had. Catarina was already pulling off her clothes. She stepped in to the pool and jumped, then carried on walking further and further in.

"It's warm," she cried with joy.

Selena flung off her own clothes and stepped in. Sure enough the water was warm on her toes. She waded further out, then completely submerged her head. Quickly, she swam up behind Catarina and grabbed her legs, yanking her under then letting go as soon as she had. She surfaced laughing, then stopped as she realised catarina hadn't come up yet. Then she felt fingers on her legs and smiled. The hands crept up her legs to her waist and then Catarina re-surfaced. She pulled Selena close to her. Selena's cheeks flushed as she realised they were standing so close again, and this time, neither of them had the protection of clothing. Catarina grinned as she guessed Selena's thoughts. Pleasure flared, lips touched and once again, the world stopped for the two unlikely lovers. 

The End

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