"Stop! I can't run anymore!" cried the princess, sinking against the side of the nearest building. Selena turned and looked round wildly for somewhere to hide. The soldiers were right behind them and she could hear their armour clanking as they came closer and closer. Grabbing the princess she pulled her in to a side alley and then swiftly in to an inn's entrance porch.

"Just stay there a second." She slipped out and ran in to the main street. Quickly ducking in to another side alley, she watched as the soldiers came in to view. One of them saw her and she cried out "Run!" and dashed off down the alley. The soldiers followed her as fast as they could. She swung herself up on to a roof and slipped through a small window. Silently she ran to the other side of the fortunatley empty room, and swung herself cautiously out of the window on the other side. She slid down the roof and on to the ground. Then she ran back to were she had left the princess.

"Come on now girly, come with me and I'll look after you."

"I'm supposed to wait for my friend thank you."

"That's a pretty dress you have there. Come on girl I haven't got all day. I'll pay you well."

Selena cursed under her breath. Silently she slid the dagger from the strap around her thigh and crept up to the porch where she had left the princess. She climbed on to the roof, give them a fright is what her father had always said. She positioned herself and then dropped. A man was leering over the princess his hands stretched forward. When he heard the thud of Selena's landing, he looked round startled, his face turning from contempt when he saw a girl, to fear at the dagger in her hand. He stepped away from the princess and backed in to the inn, closing the door behind him.

"I couldn't do anything. He just came out and found me."

"I know. Look, I'm going to get you some other clothes. That dress attracts to much attention."

"Alright. Where will you get some more clothes?"

"I have a spare pair. You should fit in them."


"Are you alright?" Selena approached the princess and saw her hand was shaking.

"Not really. I had no idea that there were people like that in the city." 

"Well you may have to get used to it. If we can't get out of the city before midnight we may be stuck here."

"We have to hurry then. Give me your clothes." Selena took out her spare dress, a worn thing which still showed its dark blue beginnings. The princess began to slip out of her dress and Selena hurridley turned her back. But the princess tapped her on the shoulder after only a few seconds.

"I need help. I've never really done this before." she whispered, obviously embarrassed at the fact. Selena turned and, keeping her eyes away from the princess, she helped her take off her satin dress and stockings. Then, when the girl stood with nothing but her undergarments on she slipped the dress over her head and pulled it down. When she looked up, the princess was looking at her with a perculiar look on her face. Selena looked away embarrassed, and then took the girl's hand.

"Come on, we need to hurry."

"Wait. I forgot to ask what your name was."

"Selena, your highness."

"Then Selena, I would prefer if you called me by my name too."

"Ok. What is your name?"


"Come then, Catarina."

The two girls ran though the night, Selena leading the way through the maze of small buildings. In her right hand she still held her knife as a caution to any who dared to try and stop them. When they reached the edge of the city they slipped past the sleepy guard at the gate and ran in to the trees. When they had been running for a long time Selena stopped. Catarina slowed and collapsed on the floor, out of breath. Selena looked around her then said,

"We can stop here tonight."

"Thank goodness."

"Look, you go to sleep, I'm going to keep watch for a while."

"Do you have something I can eat? I'm starving."

"You are? Oh I forgot, your used to having three meals a day aren't you?"

"You mean you don't?"

"No. I could never afford to eat a lot."

"Oh Selena I'm so sorry!"

"It's nothing. Anyway, I'll look around for some food." Selena wandered round the bushes for a while, and soon came back with thousands of little dunel berries in her dress. "This is the best I've got. I'm sorry." She pu the berries on a rock next to Catarina.

"It's perfect. Really." She began to eat the berries with relish. Selena stood up and pulled aside the slit in her dress and put her knife back in it's strap. She looked down and saw Catarina staring at the knife.

"You don't have to scared you know. I won't hurt you with it."

Catarina looked up at Selena then stood to join her.

"That's not what I was looking at." She reached hesitantly forward and touched Selena's face softly. Selena stared at her then pulled away.

"You don't know what you're doing Catarina. You're a princess. What I am is a crime and if I was ever caught with the princess..."

"I know what I'm doing." She moved closer and looked up at Selena from under her long eyelashes.

"Do you really?"

"Of course. Let me show you." She rose up on her tiptos and kissed Selena briefly on the lips. Heat coursed through Selena's veins as a tingling sensation stretched along her whole body. She reached out and wrapped her arm around Catarina's waist, pulling her close.

"Well this is interesting," she chuckled kissing Catarina's forehead, nose, neck and then finally lips, "I can see why you don't want to get married."

Catarina laughed then kissed Selena full on her mouth triumphantly. "Princesses always get their way." she said.

The End

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