The Princess p.02

"You haven't aged at all since you lived in the palace. I saw pictures of you with my father, you still look eighteen," Sarai said as Eyal ushered her into her bedroom.

"Well I'm a very powerful Magus, we age slowly," Eyal replied with a smile.

"But you're different, I've never met another Magus with purple eyes before," Sarai told him as he pulled back the covers from the bed. Eyal's gaze flicked up to meet hers but he didn't respond to her comment.

"Go to sleep princess, I will wake you in the morning," Eyal told her as he covered Sarai with the blanket.

"Good night Eyal," Sarai murmured, sleep already coming to claim her.

"Good night princess," Eyal whispered as he picked up the oil lamp from the desk by the door and quietly left the bedroom. Eyal closed the door and turned to go to his own room when he was stopped by the light of the moon splashing across the dirty carpet of the hallway. Looking out the small grimy window his eyes took in the sight of the full moon, an image that had soothed his nerves ever since the night that Sarai was born.

"Soon princess," he whispered. "Soon we will live in the palace once again."

The End

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