The Princess (Kariai #1)

The first story in a group of one shots that will hopefully make up a novel. This is the first story in that actual novel setting while there are a few others that give historical background on some of the characters.

Candle light twinkled from every window in Megasvalta, transforming the city in to a shining expanse of stars. Moonlight illuminated the tiled roofs of the buildings making it possible to see even from the small cottage tucked into the nearby woods. Sarai gazed out the living room window at the lit up city,a heavy feeling of longing settled in her chest. 

"Princess, you should go to bed. We have a lot to do tomorrow and you need your sleep," said a tall man from the doorway.

"Eyal what was it like living in the palace?" Sarai asked. Eyal walked over to the window and took the place on the other side, his eyes also going to the view of the city.

"I've told you about the palace numerous times," he replied.

"I know but sometimes I just can't believe it was ever real," Sarai explained as her gaze shifted to Eyal.

"You were only a small child when we had to leave; you hardly lived in the palace at all," Eyal mused as his purple eyes met hers.

"How old were you when we had to leave?" Sarai asked.

"I was a practically still a child myself, eighteen I think," Eyal answered.

"And how old are you now?" Sarai asked with a smile.

"Nice try, I'm still not going to tell you," Eyal chuckled as he unfastened the curtain and recovered the window. Sarai pouted but followed him out of the living room and up the stairs to the bedrooms. 

The End

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