The Princess Bride's Jittery Giant

Fezzik stared straight ahead, trying to focus on the figure of the man in black as he trudged into the Fire Swamp with overwhelming terror. From every direction came the cries of lonely beasts and vicious predators.

Fezzik had never heard of the Fire Swamp before, but the men outside were pretty scared of it and that was good enough for him.

“Are you the Dread Pirate Roberts?” he called out.

A pair of blue eyes peered out from behind the pirate’s mask, but the figure said nothing.

Fezzik took a step forward. Behind him, he could hear men shouting and swords clashing. Inigo was getting vengeance at last.

The giant brushed away a mesh of cobwebs and took another step. “I am looking for a lady!” he shouted. No response.

A snake slithered around his feet.

“Have you seen a lady?” he pleaded. Was the Dread Pirate Roberts a mute? With a crash, Fezzik pulled down a rotting tree trunk in his path and took another step…

…and before he could shout “Inigo, help!” he was up to his belly button in lightning sand.

The End

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