The Princess Bride's Fire Swamp Standoff

Inigo joined the band of soldiers, led by Count Rugen, at the mouth of the Fire Swamp. Presently Fezzik joined him and gasped madly for breath. Through the trees they could see the man in black sitting alone on a fallen log, but none dared enter the swamp to capture him. Rugen was trying in futility to persuade his men to go.

“Please, Heinrich, it’s perfectly safe in there.”

“Never! I won’t do it!” cried Heinrich.

“You don’t believe those silly stories too, do you Rupert?”

“They’re not silly, they’re true!” shouted Rupert with tears in his eyes.

“Titus, will you show these cowards the meaning of bravery?”


Count Rugen was running out of patience. “I should have known better than to come with a band of children,” he sneered. There was a long pause as he nervously cleared his throat. “Very well then. I’ll go myself.”

In an instant, Inigo noticed that the man volunteering had six fingers on his right hand, and he felt his opportunity for revenge slipping away. “No!” he cried. “Fezzik will go.”

The End

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