The Princess Bride's Rescuers Have Words

Westley was indeed dead, but the castle gate was open and that’s all that mattered to Vizzini. “Come with me, you two,” he said. “There’s a prince in there and I have a score with him that I need you to settle. A little matter of unpaid debts.”

Inigo scowled. “Do you mean to say you were only raiding the castle for the money?”

Fezzik crossed his arms and added, “That’s not even funny.”

“Do you really think I’d work as hard as I do and not get paid?” Vizzini asked.

“I would help you out if the princess stayed,” said Fezzik.

“But she’s gone now,” said Inigo, “and we’re going to find her.”

Fezzik smirked. “Did you forget already and need a reminder?”

“Are you rhyming again?” shouted Vizzini. “Cut it out! This is serious!”

“Uh oh, Inigo, I think he’s delirious.”

“Fine, you know what? Go after her. Find her! But I’ll tell you this, you can forget about your paycheck. When you come back from this wild goose chase you’ll be so broke you can barely afford… an orange!

“Uh…um… Vizzini, that’s not fair.”

The End

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