The Princess Bride's Rescuers Negotiate Entrance

Vizzini sighed. “Do you know what’s happening today?”

“Sixty men are guarding the castle with their lives,” answered Yellin.

“Very good. Do you know what else is happening today?”

The man paused. “Hmm. I seem to have heard something about a wedding inside…”

“And do you know who is getting wed in the wedding?”

Suddenly Yellin noticed the hulking, sweaty, 7’4” figure in the wedding gown next to Vizzini. He quivered at the sight. “Him? Uh, that is, her? I think?”

“You don’t think, you obsequious pecksniff, that’s your problem entirely! Of course my daughter is getting married today—”

“I’m the daughter,” garbled Fezzik.

“—and we’re running very, very late! Humperdinck’s not going to be happy about this!”

Inigo had been standing in back of Vizzini, glancing around casually while trying to hide his sword behind his pant leg. Now, in Yellin’s stuttering silence, he spoke. “You know what Humperdinck does to guardsmen who interfere with weddings, don’t you?”

Yellin gulped. He had a pretty good idea.

The End

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