The Princess and The Key

Long ago, there was a land much like our own. In the days of Kings and Knights, Princes and Princesses. In the days that fairytales were born. A young and beautiful Princess was to be married and crowned Queen of the great land her father ruled.

            But troubled and dark times had overthrown the kingdom into a frenzy of upheaval and confusion. Black magic had been used and dark nightmare creatures were beginning to tear the kingdom apart.

            The King went to his magical right hand man, his sorcerer, Octanus. Octanus was meant to rid his kingdom of the evil that had begun to swallow it up. But the King did not realize that Octanus, his right hand man and old friend, had been the one causing the magic that rotted the land now.

            Octanus killed the King meaning to take the key to the kingdom and rule it as his own. Although the King had given the key to his daughter, as her wedding gift. Octanus, upon finding this out, sought the Princess out in a blinding and wrathful rage.

            The Princess had always known Octanus could not be trusted. So she relied on the help of an old wizard friend that had been their to guide her since birth. She begged him to use his magic to help save her kingdom.

But the wizard was old and weak. Most of his magic having left him some time ago. He presented the young princess with a bag of what was left of his magic items. And using the last of his power he opened a portal in time and space. Pushing the Princess inside quickly before the evil Octanus barged in to find the old wizard sending her away.

            Octanus killed the wizard in his fury, but was too late to stop the Princess as the portal closed behind her. Now the story continues on in time, to present day. Where the Princess must find help to save her kingdom.



  Magic, is, somewhat less than perfect. And those imperfections usually run quite small because the magic used is small. The problem with magic is that when you use it, it also uses you. Magic causes an energy flux, that, while negative, usually is unnoticeable. There have been very few occurrences that magic has caused a major energy flux resulting in the creation of something new. Those instances being the appearance of Dragons, Goblins, Night Shades, so on and so forth. The energy flux creates a portal that brings a life form through. An alien life form.

            When magic was first used the settlers that used it had learned it from an old tribe of cave people. The cave people depicted through pictures horrific events where nightmare creatures were involved in the destruction of their civilization. The settlers having no way of actually understand what all this meant, took it as superstition and proceeded to steal all the magic from the cave people. These settlers became known as the first wizards. The High Council as it was remembered by the people in the Princess’s time.

            They needlessly and without consequence began to use the magic in everyday life. It was around this time that the dark creatures began to show up. And the High Council took it as a sign of karma from the cave people. They believed the cave people had sent these creatures using the last of their magic to take revenge on the wizards. So the wizards killed the last of the cave people. 

            There was a problem though that began to show. The wizards were aging at an accelerated rate. The magic they so bountifully used was beginning to wear at them, their body’s natural energies were depleting too quickly by its constant use.

            Eventually when each man reached his 40’s they looked as though they were a 100 years older. They tried to use the magic to turn back the clock but it was not strong enough.

            So a law was implemented. No magic would be used frivolously, responsibility and judgment was to be used by every Wizard, Mage, Sorcerer, Warlock and Necromancer. No matter what they must all learn to be controlling with their powers and use restraint.

            The law was called the Law of the five. Meaning the five wizards of the high council. Anyone who broke this law would loose his or her powers. The Wizards sealed it with the most powerful magic only known to them, so that even after they were gone the law would stand firm.

            Unknowingly the Wizards in implementing this law also were able to put a damper on the constant flow of creatures that began to show in our world. The alien life forms that had been brought through to this world by the excessive use of most powerful magic were now closed off as the magic was used in tidbits and very little energy was created.

            There was one wizard, Octavius, who was able to break the Law of the Five. He in his many travels had managed to come across a diary of one of the High Council members. A Wizard by the name of Merlin.

            Merlin had left his life’s work in his diary, he was one of the only Wizards from the High Council who had lived the longest, into the days of King Arthur, Lord of the Land.

            Merlin was also a kind hearted wizard and had become something of a teacher to new wizards and sorcerers. Octavius’s father had been one of Merlin’s apprentices. Octavius had remembered the days when Merlin would come to their home to chat about the old times with his father over green tea.

            Even the people who had no magic in their bloodline, still could feel the power about Merlin. He exuded it as a flower exudes its pungent odor.  And when he spent those days in Octavius’s home, Octavius could feel the power, and he felt himself drawn to it.

            Merlin had shown Octavius a few parlor tricks, as Octavius was only young at the time. But he always felt put off that Merlin treated him as such a child, when clearly he was a man in his own right. After all he took care of the farm while his father was off doing business for the Duke, and he took care of his mother.

            Merlin seemed to just see the exterior. And it was true Merlin had seen that because if he had seen what was inside the child, not the immediate feelings of manhood that the child felt, but deeper inside, hiding in the depths, the unmistakable sense of evil that was growing inside, Merlin would have killed him there and then.

            So Merlin came and went and Octavius yearned more and more for his power. Octavius grew to a man eventually, his mind still far out growing his body. He left his home on the farm to become a wizard’s apprentice.

            His father would have sent him to Merlin, but there had been some recent trouble in the east involving Dragons or something, Octavius had never really been that interested in what his father had to say about Dragons. So he was sent to a wizard of lesser name but strong experience.

            His name was Rasputin. He was an up and coming Sorcerer from the far west, and had an accent as thick as molasses. Octavius was not familiar with the accent. Rasputin was not very well known in these parts either but Merlin had worked with him and recommended him to Octavius’s father.

            Octavius’s first impression of Rasputin was a general drive to learn more power. Rasputin was very much knowledgeable on the very powerful spells, as well as a few necromancy incantations as well.

            Rasputin also used very unusual ingredients for his potions, some of which Octavius had never been familiar with, a lot of animal parts for the most of it. Also Rasputin had the strangest company when he had visitors. They were very dark looking people, some with missing limbs or very bloodshot looking eyes. To these visitors he often provided some potion or ingredient that he kept stored on his shelves.

            Rasputin although very strange and shady was a good teacher and often extremely patient with Octavius’s mistakes. Of which he made many. But Rasputin nurtured the mistakes and helped Octavius begin to come to grips with them.

            Eventually Octavius began to grow into his power and he was able to do many of the spells Rasputin did on a daily basis. But there was something else. Rasputin began to act strangely around Octavius. Giving him lesser spells to cast that now seemed so simplistic to Octavius. It was as though Rasputin was nervous about something.

            Octavius had confronted him and Rasputin admitted to the fact that he feared the power that Octavius was beginning to show and exude. Rasputin had felt it growing but when it was supposed to stop it hadn’t. The more spells Octavius had been given the more he grew in his power. Rasputin knew that Octavius was already stronger than him in power and it was just a matter of time before he would be as strong as Merlin.

            The idea had marveled Octavius and he had been disappointed to find that one day Rasputin was gone, fleeing back to his home country. But Octavius was unabashed, he continued on his conquest for power. The thing about power is that it corrupts the mind and soul. Octavius was no exception, eventually his thirst for power was the sacrifice of his humanity.

            Merlin never returned to the kingdom, he was killed in a great battle of the western world. Octavius was angered that he would never be able to put his powers up against Merlin, but relished in the fact that now he, was the most powerful Sorcerer in all the land.

            Thus began the corruption of the kingdom, Octavius in his journey to become a Sorcerer met Alexander Rathbone, the father of the princess. They became friends but Alexander never realized or even suspected that Octavius had given in to the darkness inside, and was black as all evil.

            After the Octavius betrayed and killed Alexander, and the princess escaped. He killed the wizard Morpheus, who had helped the princess, and then sought a way to track the princess down and get the key back from her.

            Time passed and Octavius’s frustrations grew to a point where he no longer tolerated the kingdom, and in a full fury of wrath he leveled the kingdom and all souls dwelling with in it, with one mighty swipe of his powerful hand. It was a deep destructive magic and Octavius nearly killed himself in the process.

            The key was his answer to problems such as this. It had been created by the high council accidentally while they were trying to put their powers together to move the sun and stars themselves. They had nearly destroyed themselves and in the middle of all their powers meeting a golden key had fallen to the ground.

            They did not know exactly what the key was but from their understanding of magic it was an unlimited power source created from the very darkness that had created the other nightmare creatures.

            It would not be safe in the hands of any spell caster. So it was given to the king at the time. And it was then that the key would be passed down from king to king, generation to generation to protect it. The key was protected again by the highest and most powerful known magic that had created the Law of the Five. Its parameters were simple. Any man or woman who was crowned as a ruler would be the only one’s able to touch or go near the key. But if the key was handed down to a new generation before they were crowned, than the magic would break and the key would be vulnerable.

            Alexander had believed this all to be myth as it had been told so many times through so many generations. So he had given his daughter the key as her wedding gift, long before she was to be crowned as Queen.

            This was why Octavius had chosen this point to dispose of the king and go after his daughter. The key was vulnerable and would be easy to take. But now that the princess had been transported away Octavius was powerless to find her.

            Time passed, and eventually people began to forget about the Kingdom, the Darkness, the Key, and eventually the High Council. Magic began to die out. Innovation had come into the minds of the commoners and they began to see less and less need for kings and queens. As political structure was established Kings no longer relied on court wizards and the need for such talents slowly disappeared. Man became more educated, more experimental with science. As this happened the idea of magic became a myth, an unrealistic truth against the power of science. As no one was able to see magic or put it in a test tube, they no longer believed in it.

            Only a select few families kept the secrets, kept the magic. These families believed in reincarnation and believed that the old wizards of their families were constantly reincarnated into their children again and again. The secrets of the family were then passed on to the children at the age of eighteen.

            The world began to grow older and more scientific. Technology came into existence and electricity. New weapons were created, hard cold metal weapons that could shoot and kill with nearly no effort. The world had created new ways to travel, man could drive, or take the train or fly.

            Magic was completely forgotten, fairytales became just that, tales of myths and monsters. They were nothing more than bed time stories though, camp fire tales.

            There was one thing that didn’t change. The Darkness. And with the Darkness the creatures that were created by it survived through all the changes, but did not thrive. They were forced to hide from the dangers of man. Hide in the very shadows that created them. Along with these surviving creators was Octavius.

            He had been fully taken over by the darkness, and he was now no longer a man but a creature of it. He never aged, never got sick, never hungered, never thirsted. He just existed. He followed with society’s laws, took jobs, learned new languages, made love to women. But he never forgot the key, never forgot his conquest. He knew that one day, he would have his chance once again.

The End

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