Chapter 4

On her dresser lay a... sphere, a golden red stone. It was as large as a chicken, and around the same colour. She touched it with her finger, and jumped back as it suddenly rocked. It rocked further than her touch would have sent it. She worried it would fall to the floor and break, so she picked it up and placed it on her bed, which was large enough to house the rocking, cracking stone.

She looked at it, wondering what on earth it was. She was reminded of when her chickens laid eggs and she watched them hatch, but this was so large; what child could this house? 

It began to make cracking noises, and the shaking slowed. She held out her hand to it... as a lizard's tongue and sharp front teeth made a hole in the impossibly thick egg shell. It continued to find it's way out of it, as Lóng er knelt beside her bed and watched in disbelief. 

It looked at her, stared with big green eyes. Around these eyes were dark green tufts of eyebrows, that seemed to cast his face into a permanent frown. In a crown about his face were red streamers that caught the wind and shivered like fire. On his underbelly, she saw the glint of 117 scales that were green and caught the light to become blueish and bright. On his back, she saw 2 tiny wings. These were absolutely rare.

As rare as a dragon is, the winged dragon is found least often, save for Celestial dragons, as Celestial dragons are kings among the great lizards (except for the four sea dragons). Winged dragons were hunted for their wings, as shooting one down showed great power. Wings of dragons were displayed in houses, until they all disappeared from the land. It seemed that now dragons were simply the thing of legend; killing off the winged dragons gave cause for the others to leave, and now they were no more than a dream.

But it was not a dream that was curling up on Lóng er's bed. It was not a wish that coughed up fireballs that dwindled and burst like yanhau. She looked at this, her little dragon, and extended a finger towards it. It sniffed at her finger, then licked it. She smiled and stroked it's nose, just as she'd stroked her wooden dragon's head. 

The End

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