The Princess and The Dragon

As it is Chinese New Year's on February 10th, I have decided to translate on here a Chinese folk-tale I've found in my house. It's not a long book, but my mandarin is patchy, and this is  old, so much of it is old fashioned in the way that Shakespeare is to an Englishman, which makes it extremely difficult. It is for that reason that I ask that you don't get angry at me for being slow to upload it, because it takes so much effort to read and translate it.

The best part of this book is how beautiful the descriptions are. As hard as I may try to get across this beauty, much of it will be lost, and for that I apologise. The original book was written by Feiyan Yun, who I beleive to be a peasant that wrote the stories of his ancestors. I think my book may've been part of a set of other folklore, but I have none of the others. 

The End

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