Wait, What?

"What?" I exclaimed when the first class had started.

"Um," the teacher said. She seemed confused. A bunch of kids looked back at me like I was crazy. "What's wrong, miss...?"

"Rose Patterson."

"Miss Patterson. What's wrong?"

"This is all crazy!" I exclaimed. "There are no such things as witches."

 "You think so?" she challenged.

"Yes. There are no such things."

"Really, now?" said a voice I knew all too well.

I turned to look from the front of the class to the door, where Daniel was waiting. He was leaning on the frame of the door, his arms crossed over his chest. He was dressed in dark blue jeans, sneakers, a black tee shirt and an open flannel shirt with a black beanie covering his dark brown hair.

He's kinda... cute. I thought to myself. I startled myself and shook my head once to rid myself of the thought. How could I do that? I shouldn't be think things like that.

"Mr. Prince!" the whole class exclaimed at once. They all sat up straighter, smiled their best and folded their hands on their desk.

He looked straight at me and smiled. I glared back.

"Can I steal Miss Patterson for a second?"

"Oh, of course," the teacher gushed.

"Great. Rose? Will you come with me?"

I didn't want to, but a bunch of girls shot me looks of jealousy. I wondered what was so great about him. I spent three days in a car with him. He's not so special.

But, nonetheless, I knew I had to go out there to talk to him. I was just afraid of what he'd say.

The End

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