They've Gone Crazy

Daniel. Huh.

It sounded like such an innocent name for such an annoying person.

Fast-forward through the two-day drive into the middle of no where, which involoved a lot of pouting and hitting. I almost bit him, just to make him tell me who he was working for.

But I didn't. And that's probably why I didn't learn what I was doing sooner.

I had been silent the past few days, and so had Daniel. I didn't want to talk to him. He annoyed me, just in case I hadn't made that clear.

I wondered that now, since I had met him, Daniel would stop showing up in my dreams. And he did. Every time that I wasn't near him, though, he would haunt my dreams.

Anyway, so I had finally made it to boot camp. Or at least that's what it seemed like to me. I hated it here. They always pushed you past your limits until you ended up running away and throwing up in a trash can.

What we were training for, I have no idea.

But after a week of learning how to handle a gun, doing push-ups until your arms felt like noodles, and running around the track until it felt like your kneecaps had exploded, I was transferred from doing the excercising every day to classes.

Classes for what, you may ask? That's what I thought.

The classes are on the history of witches.

Yep. Witches.

We were learning how to hunt witches. And even the occasional vampire.

These people were totally nuts.

The End

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