The Prince's Rose

Rose has a regular life, except the fact that some odd boy had to pull her out of her regular life to train for a mission that she doesn't even know that she was meant to fulfill. She must leave her school, friends, family, and home behind in order for the human race to survive.

I was having another dream.

But this one was unlike any other nightmare that I had ever managed to dream up. It was sailing on an old wooden boat. It was a small rowboat. I seemed to be the only one in it. Ahead of me loomed 30-foot waves. They were on all sides of my small rowboat. There was no way out.

I started panicking as my boat crashed down the side of a 35-foot wave. They were getting bigger. The sky was black. I couldn't tell if it was night or if the clouds were just that thick.

Lightning was the only source of light, and the thunder was as loud as the waves. Why did I go sailing out tonight? Even I know that people should never do that. And that's saying something.

The waves were as tall as four-story buildings, now. My little boat couldn't stand it any more. As it rode over a giant wave, it went down. I was underwater.

I tumbled down into the water, not knowing which way was up. I looked around. I felt as if I was suffocating, as if this wasn't a dream at all... As if... as if I was actually going to die.

Looking around once more, I saw him again. That boy that always shows up in my dreams. He has dark brown hair and a pale complexion. His eyes are dark blue, and always have a strange intensity in them. He was wearing all black again. His arms were crossed over his chest. He look irritated.

"C'mon, Rose. Show me what you've got. You can do better than this."

"I'm fighting!" I yelled. Despite the fact that I was underwater, it came out clearly. "Why would you think that I wouldn't give you my all?"

"Because you're not," he snarled. I blinked, and suddenly he was very close to me, our noses only and inch apart.

I really hated this guy. Why did he always push me so hard? I knew my limits. But he always acted as if I wasn't going far enough.

There was a flare of hatred bursting inside me, and I raised me hand to slap him. But he caught my wrist before I even go in the motion.

"No, no, Rose. That's not what you want to do."


I awoke with a sudden intake of breath. I scrambled out of bed, fighting with my covers.

"I hate that guy," I murmured to myself. But someone had heard it. My best friend and sister, Krystal.

"Who do you hate?" she asked sleepily, throwing her covers off her bed.

"This jerk I keep dreaming about," I answered, pulling on some clean jeans.

"Oh yeah. Him. You told me."

"I hate him," I said, just making sure it was clarified.

"It was just a dream, Rose, don't worry."

But I had the oddest feeling that it meant something. "Yeah," I muttered, "Just a dream."

We got ready for school in silence after that. But I was thinking.

As we both pulled our backpacks over our shoulders, we headed out the door of our rooms, each grabbing a Poptart package out of the pantry.

We lived in a small, three-bedroom apartment. One room was occupied by my mom, the other occupied by my little brother Evan, and the last by me and Krystal. Evan was sitting on the counter in the kitchen, even though we always told him not to.

"Evan, get off," Mom said in a bored tone, yet sternly. He reluctantly slipped off the counter top.

Mom took his hand, and they rushed to the door. Mom was trying to put her earring in with one hand. She was actually succeeding, too. She flung the door open, and pulled Evan with her. She had to take him to daycare.

"I have to go, girls," Mom said quickly, "But I will see after school, right?"

"Yep," we both answered at the same time.

"OK," she confirmed.

She was gone.

We walked down two flights of stairs to the lobby.

"Bye, Ernie," I called to the kind doorman. He waved back to us with a smile.

I stopped in the middle of the lobby, noticing something out side the window.

It was a boy, wearing all black. He had short, caramel colored hair, and his back was to me and Krystal. But when he turned around, I almost gasped in shock.

It was the boy from my nightmare.

He saw me. He smiled just for a second. I blinked and he was gone.

The End

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