He knew though they couldn’t do anything now anyway, here he was in the Last World, the last place anyone wanted to be and so no one was going to go after him in bloody vengeance anymore.

“Kyran, my name is Kyran Verrine.”

“He sounds so nervous Finn.” Daniel laughed immediately as he went back to Finn and handed him the plastic bags. Kyran shifted in on the couch and tried again to sit up, this time he moved without causing any pain.

With Finn occupied by the small individual plastic bags Daniel leaned towards Kyran, a malicious smile on his face “what the fuck kind of name is Kyran Verrine, is that even your real name?” he asked in a hoarse whisper, Kyran could smell something strange on his breath.

“Now, now Dan if the boy says that his name is Kyran then we can’t dispute him on that, why don’t you go and get our new friend some food?” Ordered Finn as he continued to look at the strange things in the plastic bag, Daniel sighed in clear frustration and Kyran could smell the stench of his breath. Before Daniel walked out of the room and slammed the door.

It was silent for a few moments, Finn continued to look at the plastic bags and Kyran continued to look at Finn. He was surprised how much the people of the Last World looked like those from his own, he was surprised that they spoke the same language and yet they seemed completely different. Finally Finn put the individual plastic bags down on the coffee table and crouched down in front of Kyran; he smiled up at him and leaned his head against his hands.

“Sorry about Daniel, he’s the brawn of the group and the alpha male physically. So don’t take it to heart if he beats you up, he’s just asserting and reassuring himself as the strongest male here.” Finn explained with such ease that Kyran thought that Finn knew him before.

“Thank you, for taking care of me.” Kyran blurted out, he had to show his gratitude somehow to the people who basically saved his life.

“Pshh” Finn waved his hand in dismissal, but his smile grew “don’t worry about it, I couldn’t let someone just die in the street.”

“Well… Thank you and if there’s anything you need me to do don’t hesitate to ask.”  Kyran said as he made himself get up on the seat, but Finn held out his hand for him to stop and Kyran sat back down in surprise. His back shot up with pain, but Kyran just tightened his lips trying to ignore it.

“There is something that you can do for us and it will help you anyway. There’s another bedroom for you to stay in, you won’t need to pay for rent and the pay, if you do the work well, can give you everyday luxuries.” Finn explained, he smiled charmingly like a salesman and he spoke fast as if he was trying to explain himself away from trouble.

“What does the work involve?” Kyran asked suspiciously, if anyone from his world was to go by and if the Last World was like his world then these people might have ulterior motives.

“Selling drugs like marijuana, crack, ecstasy and ice.” Finn explained flippantly, he seemed almost bored by the subject.

Kyran on the other hand had no idea what any of those names meant he knew what drugs were; they were medicines that helped people find guidance through the stars. The Sisters used it regularly to achieve their potential powers, the Hands used drugs to get in the warrior mind set and even Kyran used drugs regularly to tap into his powers of foresight. Drugs were expensive and were only accessible to the very rich. But it seems that here in this world drugs were accessible to all, perhaps this world wasn’t so bad after all.

The End

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