Meeting Finn and DanielMature

But very slowly the sharp, excruciating pain ebbed away until it was just a throbbing pain and Kyran unclenched his hands and let go of his inner lip. Kyran needed to get to shelter, somehow get a shirt and find some food before nightfall when the cold was just going to intensify and he was going to die from ammonia. Looking to the east Kyran saw nothing but dull green hills, yet a little closer to the horizon he could see the obvious shapes of houses and a bell tower. Looking to the west Kyran saw nothing but the ongoing dull green hills and the black tar road that winded past the horizon and beyond. Kyran focused his gaze towards the town to the east and brushing the fear of seeing what the residents of the Last World would look like Kyran started to walk to the place where it was crawling with them.

Kyran could definitely feel something sick inside him, he had been walking for an hour and already his lungs were getting tight and he felt as if someone was pushing an invisible pillow on his face. But Kyran pushed through, he took no notice of the increasing pain of his back, he took no notice of the cold, he took no notice of the light rain and he tried to not take any notice of his own coughing and sneezing.

By the time Kyran finally made it to the town he felt weak and lightheaded, but what was worse was that it seemed as if the town was empty, the only signs that told him that it wasn’t was the occasional car that drove by and every single one of them sped up as they passed Kyran. He walked on for another half hour in a kind of daze, he wasn’t truly aware of his surroundings and just breezed along the streets unaware where he was headed. Kyran didn’t even think he just walked, until he fell into unconsciousness on the side of the street.


His back throbbed in pain as Kyran regained consciousness, it felt as if his back had been pulled and pinned together by barbed wire. Opening his eyes the first thing that Kyran saw was a ceiling and not just any ceiling but the most cracked and dirty ceiling that he had ever seen. He followed the ceiling down the walls – which were also just as cracked and just as dirty but in a dirty white colour – to the room that was sparsely furnished apart from a large black box, a small and wooden table in the middle of the room and a bookcase with hardly any books. Plus the couch that he was lying on which was a pale blue colour and had lumps in the cushion.

It was then that he finally noticed two men leaning against the wall at the foot of the couch; the first man was very tall with broad shoulders, his brown shoulder length hair was oily and untidy, his brown eyes were pointed at him like steel and his thick arms were crossed over his chest. The second man was a little bit smaller, but he seemed gentler, his blonde hair was short but kept tidy, his hazel eyes were warm and he wore a pair of dark blue jeans and a plain red shirt.

These were what the residents of the Last World looked like, just like people from his world.

“And here I was beginning to think that you gave him too many painkillers, Finn.” Smiled the big beefy man, his voice matched his body and Kyran knew that if the man lived in his world he would be a warrior of the King.

“Come now Daniel, I thought that two and a half years at med school was enough reassurance.” The man named Finn smiled at Kyran and leaned forwards, Kyran could feel Finns eyes sweep over him like the man was inspecting him.

“My name is Finn Vamont” Finn introduced himself, but he made no move to shake Kyran’s hand “and the big guy is Daniel Miles.” Finn pointed to Daniel who made no move at all.

Kyran moved on the couch, trying to sit up but a sharp pain shot up his back and he was paralysed for a few moments before he could sit back against the seat. It was then that he noticed that he was wearing a new plain white shirt and a new pair of black jeans.

“We found you unconscious on the ground and we just brought you back up here, I stitched your back up because you were losing a lot of blood too. But you were passed out already so I couldn’t use any anaesthetic.” Finn explained as Daniel went to the almost empty bookcase, opened up a large book and pulled out small plastic bags with numerous powders, crystals, liquids and something that looked like dried grass.

“So, what’s your name?” Finn asked as he leaned on the foot of the couch.

Kyran swallowed nervously and thought about his reply, he wondered if he told these two people his real name would the people of the Last World know? Could they hear him? Could they see him? 

The End

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