Cold and RainMature

Serik had not told him about this, about the cold, the rain and the pain that entering this world would ensue. Kyran was not expecting this, when Serik had told him that Last World and his world were ‘two sides of the same coin” he assumed that the weather would be close enough. Kyran was expecting at least warmth and sun. But this, this was exactly opposite and he hated it. He wished that he was back in his world where it was nice and warm and filled with people that he understood and cared for. But his father was there and Kyran knew that if he had stayed in his word his father would be the one to kill him.

Thinking about his world Kyran suddenly remembered Nataya and the stone that she had given him moments before he entered the Circle. Fishing it out of his pockets in his pants Kyran stared at it as it laid on his palm, it was a beautiful stone but he had no idea why Nataya had given it to him. So Kyran just stared at, wondering if he could he see his world through it, wondering if it gave off any power and wondering if having it meant that he could somehow go back to his own world.

Kyran sat for hours on the cold pavement, he held his legs against his chest and for hours he stared at the clear stone that sat precariously on his knees hoping that it would do something other than just being pretty.

The heavy rain started to relent, until the curtain of grey and white had disappeared and the vision of the world started to appear out of the veil. Kyran frowned in confusion, a huge wheel with little carriages hanging precariously on it stood just a few feet away from him, the metal wheel itself was painted blue, pink and yellow, and the carriages alternated between carriages with blue and pink stripes and carriages with yellow and light pink stripes. The colourful wheel was one of the prettiest and most confusing things he had ever seen.

What the hell was it?

Shoving the stone back in his pocket Kyran managed to untangle his limbs and stand up, the wind was still cold and Kyran could feel the sickness already spreading inside him but other than that everything was fine, or at least numb enough that he could no longer feel the pain. Walking cautiously slow Kyran made his way to the coloured wheel, it was huge and the carriages at the top of the wheel seemed to dangle in the air. 

Kyran looked around the surrounding area, strange things seemed to be everywhere, a huge metal snake had been warped in different directions, seats were hanging from a huge circle, huge teacups sat motionless around a teapot and a huge ship sat amongst metal and concrete.

Kyran spent hours just looking at everything and for those few short hours he had forgotten about the numbing cold, the extreme possibility of catching ammonia and of being in pain considering that some of the wounds on his back had reopened.


But all of those rushed at him in a panic as he stood in front of a large steel gate, a huge lock hanging off a steel chain. This place was obviously an enclosed area and Kyran knew that he would never be able to find proper shelter and food here. Kyran stepped back from the gate and the fences measuring how far he had to jump to get to the top of the fence and vault over it, it seemed to loom and cast a shadow over the dark pavement.

Taking one giant breath Kyran ran towards the fence and jumped, he grabbed on to the wire and pulled himself up with the extra momentum and vaulted himself over landing on the beige concrete on the other side. His back felt as if someone poured gasoline all over him and lit him on fire, the wounds on his back had reopened and he could feel his cold blood sliding down his back. Kyran clenched his hands into balls of fists, he bit the inside of his lips and he forced instinctive scream down to the pit of his stomach. He didn’t move for a few minutes, a temporary living statue at the entrance to a closed theme park. 

The End

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