The Last WorldMature

Kyran fell for what seemed like an eternity, the wind was still howling in his ears but the dry sand and dust had been replaced by stinging water that pelted his sides like knives. But apart from the stinging water and the howling wind Kyran felt calm and he found himself hoping that he could fall forever.  

He felt his chest hit the ground, the air escaping from his lungs, his head hitting the hard concrete floor and then a veil of darkness passed over him and Kyran left both worlds for his own.


The warmth of the sun embraced Kyran; the soft breeze kissed him and the soft grass underneath was like a luxurious feather bed. The world was silent, the trees made no sound as the wind blew between the leaves, the grass didn’t bristle and even though there were birds in the sky Kyran couldn’t hear them chirping to each other. The world was perfect and Kyran didn’t want to leave, ever.

It was then though that Kyran felt a single cold drop of water hit his hand, it stung for some odd reason, but Kyran didn’t think of it and closed his eyes again.

A few minutes’ later cold drops of water pelted down to the ground like sharp needles, Kyran opened his eyes and the once cloudless blue sky had now transformed into a single sheet of grey.


Opening his eyes Kyran felt the whole world tumble uncontrollably, the world seemed to spin in a mixture of dark greys and white. His whole body ached as if someone had beaten him and his stomach churned uncomfortably as the world kept tumbling and spinning. As he moved his body his stomach heaved, spilling whatever was left in his stomach on to the dark pavement in front of him, his eyes watered and his throat burned with the bile. The rain pelted down hard on to Kyran, soaking his body and clothes, covering every inch of pavement and washing away the disgusting yellow and orange vomit into a nearby drain.

His body shook as the cold air gripped around his body.

Kyran had been cold in his own world before, but that was when he was rugged up with woollen jackets and scarfs, he had never even slept without wood burning in the fireplace and now it felt as if he was receiving the cold that he had evaded all his life.

Kyran’s body shook as he tried to stand, he felt weak, his arms and legs felt like jelly and after a few minutes of trying to stand and keep upright he fell back down to his knees, exhausted. Breathing heavily Kyran peered through the white scene of rain; he could faintly see the dark outlines of a house and behind it strange shapes of circles and triangles protruded from the white. Excruciatingly slowly Kyran crawled towards the house; his body became heavier as he took each step, every part of him felt numb and his head still spun slowly every time he looked in a different direction. His stomach churned uncomfortably again as he looked behind him, his head spun, nausea moving through his head down towards his stomach.

A greenish yellow substance spilled on the pavement and he grimaced at the sickening sound of something thick splattering on the floor. The putrid smell started to rise to Kyran’s head, he breathed through his mouth, not allowing himself to smell it and throw up again. 

Breathing in a large sigh Kyran started to move again, he grimaced in pain as the numbness started to fade he could feel the loose rocks on the pavement dig into his hands and knees. Kyran moved faster, the chill was beginning to settle in his bones now, he could feel something sick start inside of him spreading from his chest to his head.

Moving closer to the house inch by inch Kyran could see a little more of its detail. There were no lights in the house, no one was home, at the front were silver bars covering half of the wall and there was also a large space where the roof covered a few meters of pavement. Crawling faster towards it Kyran’s limbs ached, they were stiff and every time he moved it felt as if someone tightened their grip on the joints of his body. He could move it, but never very far and not without pain.

Sitting against the brick wall Kyran could hear the rain tap on the tin roof, he could feel the cold wind glide across his naked torso and his body shivered uncontrollably. 

The End

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