Chapter 2- Little Lily

I walked quickly through the hallways, my white robes flying around me. I walked until I got to the main hall. I went in and plopped down on my seat on the left side of my parents throne.

            “There you are Rubin. We were just starting to wonder where you had gone off you to.” My father said.

            “Well, these aren’t the easiest things to get on.” I replied, flapping the long sleeves about. My dad shrugged, I guess he didn’t get it since he has to where them every day. He then turned away and nodded to the guard at the door.

            The guard pulled the door open, reveling someone on the other side. It was a middle aged woman wearing a plain blue dress and an apron. She entered the room and walked up the thrones. It look as if she had something following her right behind her back, but I couldn’t see from where I was sitting. She gave a curtsy before my father began to speak.

            “Are you the one who is going to be the new head maid for the palace?” Dad asked.

            “Yes, sire.” She replied confidently.

            “Are you up to the task? It is very hard work, but it is rewarding.”

            “I am ready, sire. I’ve been doing this in high house holds for years. I just have one problem.”

            “And what is that?” My father asked, raising an eyebrow.

            “Well, I’m a single mother, and I need to work, but I need somewhere to take my daughter.” From behind her back emerged a little girl. She had beautiful big eyes that seemed to get bigger as she look at the king and queen. She then looked over at me and gave a small little smile. She clung to her mother’s skirt as her mother put her arm around her to comfort her.

            “She’s only 7, and I can’t watch her and work at the same time. Would it be possible to have a room to stay and play while I work?”

            My Dad sat there for a moment, stroking his short beard as he thought.

            “I have something better. She can get a room, and Rubin can watch her. Take outside if she got bored.”

            “What!?!” I yelled and look over to my Dad. “I can’t watch little kids!” I glanced over at the girl and saw she had ducked down behind her mom. I felt a little bad, but I can’t watch a kid, I just can’t I’ve never done it before.

            “You’re the one who always say you kid a friend.” He shot back.

            “I want a friend! I don’t want to be a baby sitter!!” I shouted back.

            “Rubin, you are going to watch…”

            “Lily. Her name is Lily.” The woman said.

            “Yes,” my father continued, “You are going to watch Lily. No further dicusion.” I opened my mouth to say something more, but he gave me a glare. I crossed my arms and slumped back in my seat.

            “Now madam, we can show you around now and go over your duties. Lily and Rubin can go get to know each other.”

            The lady got down and said a few words to the girl called Lily. She said something back and then they hugged. The little girl then skipped up the few  steps and came up to my seat. My parents walked out with the woman , leaving me and the girl alone.

            “Hi there!” She said happily, giving me a big smile.

            “Hey.” I replied grudgingly. I got up and started to leave through the back door.

            “Where are you going?” She asked in a sweet voice.

            “Away.” I shoved my hand s in my pockets and I walked quickly away. The girl followed me. She had to run a little to keep up with my pace. I continued to walk towards the back courtyard. I just wanted to get into the air.

            “I’m Lily!” she must have been tired of my silence.

            “I know.” We were almost outside, I could just fly away.

            “Well, what’s your name?” I stopped dead in my tracks and turned around slowly.

            “You don’t know me?”

            “I heard there was a prince, but I never heard your name.”

            “The people don’t know me?”

            “I guess not…” She shrugged.

            “Ugh!” I yelled and ran down the last hallway and went outside. I flew into the sky and let the air surround me. That was it. How could my parents do this to me? They don’t let me go out, and they don’t even tell the people I rule that I excise! I’m a living person, why would they hide me?

            I stayed in the air a bit, I let the air enlighten me. I let the sun tickly my skin. I looked down and saw Lily staring back up at me. I flew down and sat down on the ground behind one of the statues. I don’t really know what I was doing, but I started running my hands through my hair, thinking.

            “What’s wrong?” Lily came around the statue and stared at me with those big eyes.

            “Look kid, it’s grown up stuff. Just get out of here.” I shooed her with my hand and then tuck my legs into my chest.

            “If it is, why are you pouting?”

            “What? I’m not pouting.” I said, pouting.

            “Look, it’s gonna’ be ok.” She said sweetly as she sat down next to me.

            “How you know kid!? You’re not me! You don’t even know why I’m upset! Why are you even here?!” I yell at her. Tears wielded up in her eyes, and I realized what I had said. She got up and ran away.

            “Wait! I didn’t mean it…” but she was already gone.

            “I’m sorry.” I muttered to myself. I pressed my hands against my head. Why would I do that? I’m not mean, I’m just torn up.

            I don’t know how long I sat there, but after a while I looked up and saw Lily there.

            “Lily, I’m sorry. I…” She held up a finger to silence me. She reached out and grabbed my hand. She put a braided red bracelet of some sort around my wrist and clumsily tided it.

            “My sister gave this to me once. She said if you really want something, you have to work for it. She said if I wore this it would help me work harder for what I wanted, and it worked. I want you to have it so you can feel better.” She looked me in the eye and gave me the biggest, cutest smile I have ever seen.

            I stared back and then pulled her into a hug.

            “Thank you, Lily. I think it’s already working.”

The End

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