Chapter 1- The Kingdom

Now, since you aren’t from around here, I’ll give you a little information on how things work around here. I would hate for you to get confused. First off, my name is Rubin. Rubin Charles Winchester. I know, it’s a weird name, at least my middle name is, but hey, it’s my name. I live in Phiopia, a land where all different races, people, and creatures live together under one rule. Once a soothsayer told me that in other realms, like Earth, would call our land a land of mythical creatures, whatever that means. So here in the kingdom we have wizards and warlocks, mermaids and fairies, elves and dwarves. They all live here, separate, yet united. They are all ruled by a wonderful king. The thing about royalty here in Phiopia is that they are angels. Not in a heavenly way, they just have feathery white wings, making the royal color white. Most people call the king your majesty, or sire, or something like that. I’ve always called him Dad.

            So, the king is my dad, making me the prince. It sounds nice and all, with the wings and everything, but it really could be better. I mean, it’s not like I hate being a prince and all the responsibility, I just want to do what I want. Ever since I was a kid, after that day I spent with my dad, I was never let out of the palace again. The palace is big enough, and has enough to keep me entertained, but it’s lonely. I always walk around alone, no one to talk to or tell jokes to. It’s just, lonely. I’ve told my parents that I want to go out and meet people, but they still keep me here. They bring in wizards and soothsayers and other such people to put on shows for me, but it doesn’t make a difference. I just want one true friend.

            One day this thought was going through my head. I was in the back courtyard of the palace. I was flying around and pulled up towards the sun. I flew up and up, my hair flying round about my face. I kept flying up until I could see the whole palace beneath my feet. I look out onto the horizon, and saw the village. The sun warmed my wings and my arms as I hovered there looking down at the small little town. I could see silhouettes of people scurrying about like ants. Who lived there? Did they even know I existed?

              “Rubin! Rubin!” I looked down between my feet to see who was calling me. I saw a pair of wings and knew it was one of my parents. Gee, what did I do this time? I fluttered down and landed lightly on the coble stone ground.

            “Ah, Rubin, I need to go get ready. They should be here any minute.”


            “Yes. We’re getting that new head maid today. Didn’t somebody tell you this already? No matter, go get dressed, and fix your hair.” He talked quickly and business like, as always. I rolled my eyes and headed towards my room. Why do I always have to be told when and what to do?

            I walked into my room and found my mother laying my better dress cloths out on my bed.

            “There you are, Rubin. I was just bringing your cloths in.” I gave her a soft smile.

            “Thanks, Mom.” She was always better at understanding then Dad was.

            “You were out flying again, weren’t you? Come sit down, I’ll fix it.” She sat me down in front of my mirror and took up a hair brush.

            “You know I wouldn’t have to do this each time if you cut your hair.”

            “My hair isn’t that long,” I said, running my hand through one side of it. It really isn’t that long, it just reached down to my chin (no bangs).

            “Well, it does look like a lions mane, being red and all. And a lion is a true leader, just like you.”

            “How can I be a leader if I never met anyone who hasn’t been to the palace?” I asked.

            “Oh sweetie, I’m sure your father will let you go with him one day to the village.”

            “Are you sure? I mean, look at me! I’m 16! I haven’t been out to the palace since I was 3!!! Is it too much to ask for?” I didn’t mean to get upset with her, but it was starting to get to me.

            “Now sweetheart,” She spoke soft and gently, like she always did when I go like this. “I know you need to get out there. Believe me I do, but you’ve got to be patient. You don’t want to go disobeying you father, but if it doesn’t happen soon, you do it yourself.”

            “Wait, what?”

            “If you get a chance to sneak out, do it. I’ll back you up on it.”

            “Really?!?” I asked her excitedly.

            “Really.” She replied solemnly. I stood up and through my arms around her.

            “Thanks, Mom.” I whispered in her ear.

            “I love you, Rubin.” She said back. We let go and she headed towards the door.

            “Now get dressed, we’ll be waiting for you in the Main Hall.” She told me before she walked through the door.

            I jumped up and down for a moment in glee. If I could just find a way, I could sneak out, I could really go out there. I settled down and looked down at the robes I had to where.

            “Man, I’m gonna’ look ridiculous.” I muttered to myself.

The End

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