Prologue- The Child

(Story starts a tad slow, but will pick up)
In a land of mythical creatures, there is an angel prince. He has never left the palace, and is determined he will soon. He finds everything he ever wanted, but then the kingdom indangered by an invadeing forced, thought to be long gone. Can the prince save everything he loves that he just found?

I was very young at the time; maybe about 3 or 4. Dad had took me for a walk, far from the palace. It was the last time I’d been out of the palace. Dad took me up to this hill, where you could see for miles. I remember standing there, looking all around me, eye’s wide. Seeing everything go on and on, never seeing it end. Dad took me up on his shoulders and started to point at different areas.

            “See the lake down there? Underneath it is all the homes of the merpeople. They have a bunch of underground water tunnels that go everywhere.”

            “The building over there, the one that looks like a school, that’s where the wizards are. That’s where they learn, practice, and teach magic.”

            Dad kept pointing and explaining. He told me that even though a lot of these places seemed completely different and would normally never be together, but they were. That they were all part of the kingdom. He said it would take time, hard work, and diligence, but one day I could rule it one day too.

            That was the last time I saw him happy. Genuinely happy. While we were on the hill, him telling me about the world and us playing with each other, someone came. I don’t remember exactly who, but her face was grim. She walked up slowly, the fiery sunset light setting her face a blaze. As my Dad looked up to her, his face darkened. He knew something was wrong.

            “Something happened at the patrol of the outer forest.” She said quietly. Dad got and walked over to her and talked quietly. I couldn’t hear what they said, but I could since it was bad. My Dad looked over and gave a weak smile.

            “It’s alright. I have to go take care of some things. The guard will take you home, ok?’ He ruffled my hair then took off flying back to the palace. I remember watching him fly off, sad that our happy moment just got ruined. Now I’m more sad about it, because I’ve never seen my Dad that happy again.  

The End

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