A Full Moon

"We kill that son of yours tonight," Alastor roared smashing his fist through one of the King's stone tables. The King seemed unmoved by the occurrence and stood his plain stature without showing any change of emotion. Alastor started tossing the remains of the stone at the wall. The word of Wendigo's defeat had made their way to Alastor's ears, and he was furious. Yet the King could honestly care less and was thinking of eliminating Alastor since he grew to be a pain rather than a help.

"We'll get rid of him as quickly as we can," The King mumbled softly, moving over to sit on his throne.

"You know what," Alastor snickered crossing his arms over and starring over at the sunset through the fogged windows. "This is all your fault!"

"How so?" The King pondered surprisingly calm.  Alastor flashed him an evil smile.

"If you were strong enough to kill him the first time neither of us would be here today," He hissed. The Kings face suddenly filled up with rage. He blasted from his throne faster than Alastor could comprehend and tackled him up against the wall.

"If you don't want to die right now you'll keep your mouth shut!" He growled, barring his teeth. "Not like any of your silly little plans have ever worked. He defeated you already. Thats why you came crawling here. I'm sick of you. Go!" The King threw Alastor across the room causing him to land in front of two fully armed guards. They both grabbed an arm and started dragging him out of the room.

"Wait where are they taking me?" He screamed.

"Don't you worry, you'll be back."


Zane quickly caught his breath when he brought his head back up from the river.

“How much farther Master,” Chao whined from behind him. Zane looked back at poor Chao whose face was a bright red. He was collapsed on the ground, holding his aching legs, rubbing them gently.

Zane sighed, “Not too much farther.”

“Give us a number,” Piper growled, leaning against a tree with Tadrith drifting off to sleep by her feet. “You’ve said ‘not too much farther’ for the past two days.”

“Tonight,” Amethyst hissed from the shadows under the branched out trees. “If we leave now and go at a steady pace we should get there within another hour or so.”

“Nap!” Chao yelled. “I want a nap.”

“A quick one,” Amethyst mumbled. “We all need one. But we have to try to get to the castle by midnight. No delays!”

“Why does it matter?” Holli muttered, lying on her stomach in the dirt by the bank of the river.

“Full moon,” Jake muttered. Holli looked at him a little confused. He started to mimic a howl and then a smile flittered across her face. “It gives the two of us a little bit of an advantage.”

“Awesome,” She yawned, drifting off to sleep.

Zane got up and started sneaking away as the group slowly drifted off into sleep. Amethyst rolled around restlessly and couldn’t help but be the one who noticed his attempt at departure. She sighed slowly as she started pushing herself up off the ground as he started running off into the woods. She got up and started slowly jogging so he couldn’t hear her following.

He finally stopped and jumped up into a tree and sat down on a large limb. Amethyst finally caught up and hid behind the trunk of the tree on the opposite side of him.

“You followed me?” He muttered, looking out into the distance. She tried to hide herself more behind the tree and he just started to laugh. He jumped out from the tree and looked at her.

“I tried to be sneaky!” She groaned. “Why are you here anyways?”

“I wanted to just think a bit,” He mumbled looking up at the sky.

“Oh,” She sighed nervously. “I’m sorry for interrupting you.”

He grabbed her shoulders and smiled down at her, “Its fine.” He slipped his arms around her and hugged her. “I’m just nervous about tonight.”

“We’ll do fine,” She whispered to him, stroking his cheek. “If they couldn’t kill you before they can’t now.”

“I’m sure you’re right,” he laughed, rubbing the back of his neck. She smiled back at him, as the air slowly grew colder. Suddenly he felt a jolt of pain go through his back. He coughed out towards Amethyst as her expression broke. He leaned over slowly, grabbing at his chest as she looked at him with an empty stare.

“Help,” She choked, looking down at the ground. It wasn’t until then that he noticed the dark figures lingering behind her. Quickly, they disappeared with her leaving Zane behind. He turned around cautiously to find another figure behind him. A shadow popped out from the trees and brought the figure down to the forest floor. Zane couldn’t help by stand there wide eyed.

“Jake?” He called out, looking down at the shadow that made out to be a wolf.

“Zane,” Jake sighed trying to catch his breath. “We got to go to the castle now.”

“What about Amethyst?” Zane snipped.

“Wait…” Jake mumbled. “What about her?”

“She just got kidnapped!”

“What the hell?” Jake growled. “Zane why didn’t you do anything?”

“I couldn’t…” Zane whispered weakly.

“Well that just proves it!” Jake snarled. “We were attacked. The king sent out reinforcements. If we stay here any longer our whole army is going to crumble. We’re being ambushed! The forest has already been caught on fire and Piper had to direct everybody out of the path of the flames.”

“We’ll go!”


“Look whose come to join us…” Alastor slurred from his cell.

Amethyst grimaced over at him. She was forced to sit on the cold floors of the castle’s basement, which had been remodeled to act as a jail. “I won’t be here for long.”

“Your little vampire boyfriend isn’t going to save you,” He chuckled.

“I don’t need him to save me,” She explained coldly. “I don’t need anybody to save me.”

“Then why are you stuck in here?” He growled.

“To get rid of you.”


“We’re here,” Zane grumbled in disbelief. The night had come; there was no way to ignore it. His thirst suddenly grew intense as his body started to tremble. Flashbacks of the past filtered through his mind and blinded his eyes. Jake stood there next to him, peering over and shaking him by the shoulders to make sure he wasn’t going to collapse. “This is where I grew up,” He started slowly. Piper dropped down by his side and Chao jumped on Tadrith’s back in order to see Zane’s face. “This is where I was supposed to die. I plan on taking it all tonight… for all of us. It ends tonight.”

Footsteps in the grass started moving towards the group as they moved in through the iron gates. A tall muscular dark figure approached along with a group of figures in long dark cloaks following behind. Zane broke away from the pack and moved forward in order to face the figure.

“Long time no see,” Zane grumbled under his breath, barring his teeth at the tall vampire who looked down on him with no enthusiasm. It took the group only a few minutes to realize that the dark figure was actually the King, and the shadows behind him we’re part of his army, each with long sharp fangs and glowing yellow eyes. The King himself had the same icy blue hue to his eyes that Zane had. The vampires started sulking towards Zane, flashing quickly through the air so their path was unknown. Finally they all were suspended in the air above him before tackling him to the ground.

The End

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