Journey To The Castle

Amethyst stared out at the large army of vampires in front of them. Most she knew were trained soldiers, born and bred to fight. Some others she discovered were misfortunate souls who had died a violent death. Meaning they had been drained dry by some blood thirsty vampire.

"Alot of them isn't there?"

Amethyst turned around and smiled at Zane. He made his way towards her, wrapping his arms aorund her in a loving manner. "So my king," Amethyst teased. "Any ideas on how long it will take to arrive at our destination?"

Zane closed his eyes and sighed. "Not long I'm sure. Maybe a two or three days of marching."

"So soldier, what is your name?" Tadrith said to one of the vampires. He wasd dressed in a strange and exotic  garb, one telling that this vampire was once a warrior from the far east.

"My name is Namusakuro Yoshiamashi," the vampire responded. "I was once a samurai to my daimyo. However, I failed him and ran off in battle. I am cursed as...a creature...with unquenchable thirst. I live to serve Lord Zane and Mistress Amethyst until I die."

Tadrith opened his mouth to speak when he heard laughing behind him. He and the samurai turned around and saw Piper socializng with a group of vampires dressed in pirate suits like herself.

"Aye so ye were all captains?" Piper questioned a large vampire with a wooden leg.

"Aye lassie," he responded. "Me and me mateys here were part of the largest pirate crew ta' sail the seven seas! 'Owever, we all got massacred by these strange, blood thirsty mongrels."

"Aye and Peg-leg 'ere went runnin tail be'ind 'is legs!" A pirate with a metal arm chuckled. His shipmates around him burst into laughter, along with Piper. Peg-Leg did not find it amusing.

Tadrith smiled. "Looks like Piper's amusing herself quite well."

Jacob, Holli, Chao and Grimgor stared silently at a large group of animal furred and armoured warriors. They were standing motionless, staring back at them with unblinking eyes.

"Arn't those guys like...Norsemen or something?" Chao questioned Jacob.

"I'm not sure." Jacob responded. He turned to Holli.

"Yeah they're a kind of Norsemen," Holli explained. "I think they're called... vikings."

Grimgor spat on the ground. "Reckless savages." Suddenly a loud horn caught their attention,

"Move out!" Zane yelled to his army. Like a well oiled machine the vampire soldeirs straightened their poise and began to march, rank upon rank of soldiers of all kinds making their way towards the fabled castle.

"Why do I need your help!" The old king roared at his guests. The strangley armoured man with blonde hair and his pale Varghulf accomplice merely stared back at him.

"My king, if you would be so kind as to listen to what I have to say," Alastor spoke. He motioned to Wendigo who grinned, revealing a large array of razor sharp fangs.

"Yess old one," Wendigo rasped to the old king. "Your ssson livesss and he bringsss under hisss banner a multitude of warriorsss. You and your kingdom will be burnt to the ground unlesss you lisssten to what we have to sssay."

The vampire king curled his fists. "Continue then." He motioned to his two guards who stood beside the two guests. They nodded before stepping back, their halbreds still directed at Alastor and Wendigo.

Alastor stared in disgust at the two vampires before turning to the king. "I may be able to provide you vampires with an which can help you combat the army of your army...of unstoppable power."

The old vampire stared intently at the demon before standing up. He began to pace back and forth around his throne before he faced Alastor. "Tell me demon, at what cost will it require to summon this... army?"

Alastor chuckled. "I only ask that you provide me with one vampire for myself. One that has been a thorn to my side for a long time."

The old vamprie sat back on his throne and sighed. "Done then. You will have your request demon."

Alastor smiled before motioning to Wendigo. They began to walk away, leaving the king and his two guards alone in the throne room. A woman dressed in a Victorian dress made her way to the king's side.

"My king...are you sure it's wise to make a deal with a demon?"

The Old king smiled. "Of course not my queen... that's why I will kill the demon before he has a chance to back stab me!" The king turned to his guard. "Gather the Eclipse soldier, they will ensure the demon's death.

The End

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