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The light seeped through the old Victorian styled windows onto the King’s pale flesh. The dark gloomy and stormy sky moved overhead as soft raindrops pelted the roof of the castle. An eerie gray fog covered the village over and hung in over their heads. Fire burned in the empty pasture ahead of the castle. The lights in the castle shut off; the only light that illuminated the darkness was the fire on the other side of the room. The King’s blue eyes were visible from one of the top windows of the castle, watching the fire spell out words of danger that was arriving.  His hands tightened on the windowsill as he clenched his teeth, his fangs barred.

“Cornelia,” The King bellowed under his breath. A young vampire mistress ran into the room, panting. Her hair tossed up in a messy bun, and wearing a long black and red dress that made it even harder to run in. She leaned against a wardrobe while attempting to catch her breath.

“Yes your majesty?” She recited, bowing down even though his back was facing her. He wouldn’t bother turning to look her in the eye since he was too busy memorizing the message that had arrived to him.

“Gather the villagers,” He demanded, shifting his arms behind him and leaning back a little. “We have a war on our hands. One that we cannot lose.”

“A war your majesty?” She asked, walking towards him a little since she was so far away.

“Yes,” he growled. “The Prince has survived my slaying.”

“How did he manage that?”

The King looked back at her violently and she bit her tongue. “Get the villagers ready for the war. I want them in lines in front of my castle by the full moon tonight! Now leave my sight and don’t come back until they do so. Got it?”

“Yes your majesty,” She whimpered, bowing. She ran out the door, holding the bottom of her skirt. She ran down the winding stairs, panting as she tried to get out the fastest that she could. She opened the wide castle doors that led to the village. She ran out and into the town, stopping at the gate to rest for a moment before she would walk to the town square.

Once there she rang the giant silver bell. The rope pulled her small body up along with it as she rang the bell. The rain fell down onto her and all the upcoming villagers. Her hair was soon soaked and stuck to her face. The villagers gathered around her in a circle, she stood out as she stood on the pedestal that allowed petite vampires like her to reach the rope to ring the bell.

“I have an urgent message from the King,” She announced with her soft delicate voice, which yet boomed in the rainstorm like thunder. “You’re all demanded to fast. He wants to see you all lined up in front of his castle, ready to fight. The heavens have informed us that the Prince is still alive, and taking his vengeance. This is the night our ancestors have waited thirteen generations for. We will fight and no one is allowed to miss out on this. These are direct orders from the King himself. We have another whole vampire army to face so we have to be at our best. Your lives are all at stake. Burn them no good bloodsuckers.”


“So what do we do with all of them?” Piper asked, pacing back and forth, looking at the new army of vampires that sat in front of them. “There’s no way we can entertain all of them for the night. It was much easier when it was just the seven of us. I can’t memorize all of their names. I refuse to!”

“You don’t have to befriend them,” Zane mumbled, lying on his stomach in the grass as Amethyst sat next to him, playing with his hair. Piper nodded yet continued to pace back and forth. Tadrith ran up and picked her off the ground and flung her onto his back. I huffed out a bit of air as he set her down on the ground next to a sleeping Chao. Next to Chao were Jacob and Holli, who like him were unconscious. They were all exhausted from the battle they had just endured, and none of them were strong enough to go to the castle just yet. Zane knew this, but he was still determined to reach the castle by sunrise.

Amethyst soon settled to sleep on Zane’s shoulder. Within about ten minutes he was the only one awake. He poked the fire with an abandoned stick that lay by him. His eyes fluttered as he watched the sun slowly set under the horizon. Soon they closed, and he fell forward.


The castle lay only a few feet in front of him. It was just him and his family now, the family that had abandoned him oh so long ago. The sky was beat red as a thunderstorm raged along, shaking the ground, signaling a bloody war that was at foot. He looked around, his team nowhere in sight. Where was his group? Where was his perfect vampire army? In front of him marched an army of millions of vampires, all who looked much stronger than him, without a glimpse of fear in their eyes.

His jaw dropped when in view came Amethyst, accompanied by Alastor. Along with them was the rest of his group. Jacob in were-pyre form with Holli mounted on his back. Chao, for once, looked completely serious and focused on killing. Piper was wielded with her cutlass, as Tadrith stood intimidating next to her. And in the very front of the group were his parents, both looking at him with deathly stares, hunger apparent by the way they licked their fangs.

The lightning struck into the ground, shaking it and breaking the earth around him. He felt a cold silence for a moment and finally the lightning flashed again, engulfing my view into darkness. The next thing he saw when the light flashed again was a group of Vampires, mouths open, with fangs flared and covered in blood. Everything had a strobe light affect, and he couldn’t trace where each one was.

“Eh,” He gaped, his eyes opened forcefully and he felt someone grab onto him and resting their fangs on the flesh of his neck. His body was wrenched forward. The fangs dug down into his skin, breaking the flesh, pain running up into his skull. A blood-curdling scream escaped from his lungs as the vampire sucked his blood. He couldn’t make out a face of his predator, maybe because he didn’t know who would be the worst person to kill him. The life was being sucked out of him and the pain seemed all too real. 

Suddenly a group of vampires started attacking him, biting him all over, taking away the time he had left. His eyes rolled into the back of his head not able to take the pain anymore. 


“Looks good master,” Wendigo praised, resting on a large table, looking up at Alastor who was trying on new looks for his coronation. “You’ll make the perfect King master.”

“The thanks goes to those vampires,” He laughed hardily. “They saved me the effort of killing Lucifer myself. This is working out so nicely, and I didn’t even really have to do anything.” He looked at himself in the demonic mirror, adoring his reflection. He had power now since he was the new heir to Hell’s throne.

“Those fools,” Wendigo laughed along. A group of demons that weren’t forced into his army flooded in front of the castle, looking up at the balcony that Alastor was planning on making his first appearance. “Alastor,” Wendigo mumbled.

“What is it?” He asked roughly, about to walk out into the open.

“Doesn’t Amethyst still have rights?” Alastor grabbed the table and threw it against the wall, shattering it into bits and pieces of metal and stone. Wendigo fell to the floor, coughing. “I though that table was indestructible,” Wendigo whispered to himself. Alastor screamed up into the air, punching holes into the walls. “You forgot about her didn’t you?” Wendigo wanted to ask, but he knew that Alastor would kill him if he opened his mouth again.

“Where is she at?” Alastor growled, picking Wendigo off the ground. “I want her dead! Dead I tell you! Dead with her bloody father and brother! I want that whole family dead! Tell me where she is! I know you know!”

“She’s heading out with Zane to the Vampire Kingdom master,” Wendigo mumbled quickly and weakly, stricken with fear. Alastor looked like he was engulfed with fire. He stopped, settled.

“The Vampire Kingdom eh?” Alastor asked Wendigo coolly. Wendigo nodded just before being dropped to the ground. “I think I may just need to give the King a hand.”  

The End

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