Nyoki's Favor

Everyone stared in shock as the large, black demon swiped at Lucifer. Deimos and Amethyst let out a small gasp as Lucifer landed on the ground, blood trickling down the large claw mark on his chest.

Chao rubbed his eyes. "Did he just kill him?"

Grimgor nodded. "The Demon king is dead. Slain by a demon of old."

Zane stared in awe at Nyoki. This demon had killed the strongest demon he had come to know without so much as raising his arm. He gazed at the children of the demon king, Amethyst staring in disbeleif at the corpse of her father and Deimos grinding his teeth, eyes ablaze with rage.

"DAMN YOU!" Deimos roared charging at Nyoki. Nyoki smiled before three shadowy tendrils sprung from his chest. The tendrils flung themselves at Deimos, impaling his arms and chest. Deimos let out a small cough. Blood flew from his mouth as he yelled on last time before his head went limp.

"He just killed another demon," Jacob said. He gritted his teeth, which were becoming larger and sharper. Holli ran to Jacob and wrapped her arms around him.

"Don't Jacob he'll kill you!" she pleaded.

"She's right," Tadrith said sheathing his sword. "That demon's probably stronger than anything we've ever faced before."

Piper nodded in agreement. "Don't think even I could kill him."

Chao opened his mouth to speak suddenly he began to shake violently. They all stared in horror as Chao rose off the ground, guided by Nyoki's hand. Three columns of smoke poured from his fingertips and entered Chao's mouth.

"What is he doing?" Zane said out loud.

Amethyst glared at the shadow demon. "Nyoki is possessing Chao so he can speak to us." 

"We have to do something!" Jacob yelled. "That's my friend up there!" The whole group began to argue with the exception of Tadrith, Grimgor and Piper.

"This isn't good." Piper said pointing at Chao. Everyone stopped bickering and turned to see Chao glowing with a dark aura, his eyes being covered by a dark substance.

"Humans," Chao boomed. Only it wasn't really Chao. His light-hearted and accented voice hanging to one similar to the whispering of wind passign through bones. "Always arguing. Well with some exception." He stared at Grimgor, Amethyst and Zane. An orc, a demonette and a pure blood vampire. Charming"

"You sicken me." Amethyst growled. Nyoki/Chao smiled. As Nyoki spoke the forgotten language, Chao translated.

"Although I detest you impure demons, I do owe you a favor." Nyoki motioned Chao's body foreward. It glided quickly towards Zane and Amethsyt, wind blowing on Zane and Amethyst face. Zane winced as the wind cut his face. "So, what does your heart require?" Nyoki/Chao questioned.

Amethyst clenched her fist. "I wish you were dead you sick little..."  

Zane covered her mouth. Amethyst glared at Zane. "Trust me," he whispered to her. He turned to face Nyoki/Chao. "There's one thing that my heart desires."

Nyoki smiled. He let out a terrifying howl, the sound of a thousand souls screaming in pain. Suddenly the ground began to shake.

"What the hell?" Piper yelled tightening her grip on Tadrith.

"Ouch, Piper!" Tadrith yelled in annoyance. Suddenly a skeleton rose form the ground. It stood on its legs and faced Tadrith and Piper. Suddenly it glowed and in its palce stood an armoured soldier, helmet and chainmail with a halbred in its hands. "My god...they're vampires!" Tadrith said in amazement. The soldier's skin was a gray tone like his own. It's blood red eyes stared at him as he let out a yawn, revealing his long fangs.

"Whoa!" Holli said. Jacob shielded her as a large platoon of vampire warriors with swords and shields approached.

"This is a lot of vampires." Grimgor said, keeping his hand on hilt of his hammer.

Zane stared in amazement as the shadow demon created a massive army of vampire soldiers, wielding different manners of weaponry from swords and bows to a large, gothic decorated catapult.

"I have granted your wish Zane," Nyoki/Chao said. "Your destiny is to overthrow the old ones. Much like Amethyst’s father cast out my kin." Nyoki/Chao let out a laugh. "Go and crush that pompous father of yours. Fufill the prophecy he so desperately tried to stop." Suddenly Chao began to shake again, a coloumn of smoke exting his mouth and seeping into Nyoki's fingers once more. Nyoki stared at them before transforming into a large, black cloud and rising to the surface.

Zane stared at the blood red sky, which Nyoki had risen to. We haven’t seen the last of him I'm sure.

Amethyst came up beside him and held his hand. "What now, my king?"

Zane smiled. "King...that sounds...pretty cool." He turned to his group, his followers, his generals, his friends. They had all been through so much. They had fought their way to hell. Together, there was nothing they could not accomplish. Then he turned to his massive vampire army, thousands upon thousands of warriors heeding his command. "Watch out father, the Prince of destruction is coming." 


The End

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