Drastic Choice.

"Well what's your idea?" Lucifer asked, eyeing Amethyst.

She paused and rubbed her chin, "Well I was thinking of summoning Nyoki..."

"Are you crazy!?" Deimos screamed at her, grabbing her shoulders and throwing her back and forth. Her head wobbled, and she felt dizzy. "You serious are thinking of bringing out that thing! Did an alien eat your brain or something? You'll be killed!" 

Zane looked at them, "What do you mean she'll be killed?" 

"She's way too weak," Deimos explained. "And she even knows that."

"So what if I know that?" She protested. "There's nothing else to do Deimos. So what if it kills me? I'm better off dead anyways!"

"I can't believe you would say that," Deimos hissed. "Especially after Vampire Prince over here risked his life, and all of his friends risked their lives, just to save you. God damn it are you that much of an idiot?"

"Amethyst you can't do that," Zane joined in. She starred over at him angrily, just before she punched Deimos in the face. His eyes blazed and he jumped on top of her, pinning her to the ground.

"Stop it you two," Lucifer growled. "We're going to have to do without Nyoki. And Amethyst your going to put up with that. Now let's get this war over with. It's now or never."

"I hope this works," Holli mumbled to Jacob. He nodded.  

Piper jumped on Tadrith's back and pointed out to the army. "You're going down Alastor."  


They approached the huge army, which out numbered them by millions probably. Zane swallowed hard. They were strong, but probably not that strong. "We're going to do this?" He asked, a little unsure of himself. Lucifer nodded his head. The sight was more empowering face on. From here Zane could feel the fire. He knew now that he was in Hell, and he could only hope that they would make it out alive.  "Well this is it. Give them a hell of a fight."

The group nodded, and Deimos led off the fight. They ran into the crowd of demons and skeletons. This was it. No turning back now. Jacob morphed and Holli jumped onto his back and decided that they would be in charge of taking on the majority of the skeletons. Amethyst and Deimos went off into one direction into the demons. Zane and Chao decided to take on the front of the group, and Tadrith went along with Piper into the crowd.

Jacob latched onto one of the skeletons, and Holli grabbed its neck. Jacob then swung from that skeleton to another and Holli snapped the neck of the first one. She used it like a bowling ball to knock down a group of them, and Jacob used his skeleton to smash the skulls. Suddenly a skeleton snuck up behind them and grabbed Holli. She squirmed and screamed out. Blood started running from her mouth, and she coughed hopelessly.

"Jake," She mumbled, looking up at him with her blood red eyes. He ran over and bit the skeleton from the ribs and started tearing apart the bones. His eyes blazed as a few more skeletons surrounded him, and another skeleton took ahold of Holli along with the first one. They all reached out their hands towards him, grabbing at his legs and forcing him to the ground. Holli screamed out a blood curling scream. Jacob fought at the skeletons with the best of his ability. Holli managed to free her arm and grab at one of the skeletons. She used her strength and yanked off the head. She kicked down the other and stomped on the skull, crushing it beneath her feet. Next she would take care of the group surrounding Jacob.  

Tadrith pulled apart demons one by one, and Piper swung her cutlass at them. They stood back to back. Killing them off didn't see too hard. Piper took the time to suck a few of the monsters dry of blood. Tadrith even settled for doing the same. Piper was taking them down faster the more she drank. Tadrith laughed. A giant demon approached them and knocked them over with his vicious strength. He pushed their bodies into a wall, his fingers barring them down. Piper looked over at Tadrith, worried. Piper started to look more pale the more they were crushed there, and her eyes started to flutter.

Zane sunk his fangs into one of the demons, punching his fist through the chest of the monster. Chao could only avoid every blow that a demon threw at him. Zane's fell down dead by his feet. He looked over at Chao. He sighed and pounced onto the demons back. He broke the neck and dropped the body. Chao smiled up and him and he returned the favor. A demon swung a hell blade at Chao, cutting his arm. Blood dripped down to his fingers. Chao grabbed the wound in pain, bitting his lip until he cracked the skin. Zane ran up the Demon, who attempted to swing at him. Zane jumped up into the air and landed down on the demon's shoulders. grabbed the sword out of the demon's grip and stabbed it through the chest. He continued to swing at the demons as he watched over Grimgor and Chao as Grimgor mended Chao's wound. 

Fire reached out towards Amethyst. Deimos reflected it back at the monster and it fluttered down to the ground. Amethyst ripped the limbs off of the creatures as Deimos experimented with his dark magic. Amethyst was growing weaker by the minute. She fell to the ground and was breathing hard. Deimos ran to her side. 

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"I don't know," She muttered softly. "I feel so drained." Her eyes closed and Deimos couldn't tell if she drifted off to sleep... or what. We got to do something quick, he thought to himself. 

Lucifer looked down at Amethyst. "I guess we have no other choice. We're being brought down too early in the game."

"You're not thinking of..." Deimos mumbled in shock. Lucifer nodded.

"Summon the master of night,  the demon of shadows," He recited. A few more phrases came after that in an ancient language. "Nyoki rise above again." 

The ground shook and Nyoki rose to his full potential. He was large, a winged beast. His eyes were a bright glowing red. He shot out a rein of fire into the air as fire sparked around him, catching any demons that surrounded him to their death. He breathed out his fire onto the army and dragged his claws through the bodies of the demons that rested outside of his fire zone. The army fell quickly until all they were was a large pile of dust. 

The group struggled over to Lucifer, Amethyst, and Deimos. Nyoki bent down his large horned head to Lucifer. 

Lucifer bowed to the beast, "Thank you so much." Nyoki growled something in the ancient language. "What do you mean?" He growled some more. "You can't really do that because of that! I had to lock you away."

Nyoki's eyes glared and he brought down the King of Demons with one swipe of his claw. 

The End

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