The Underworld War

Zane gasped. Standing in front of him was Amethyst. She let out a small smile. "Now do you remember?"

The rest of the group, with the exception of Grimgor gasped. "Holy crap!" Chao yelled. "We found her!"

Amethyst rolled her eyes. "Technically I found you guys stupid," She laughed, "I missed you guys...especially you Zane."

Zane continued to stare at her. ""

Amethyst rolled her eyes and leaned foreward and kissed Zane on the lips. Jacob, Holli, Piper, Tadrith and Grimgor gasped. Chao began to make a whooping sound. Jacob thumped Chao on the head beforespeaking. "I guess this mission was accomplished?"

"Not exactly..." Grimgor said.

Zane and Amethyst parted, staring at a red portal that had appeared. Suddenly it cackled with electricity before six figures stepped through. They resembled large humans, except for their demonic black armour, unnaturally large halbreds and wings and their eyes glowed a demonic red colour. Amethyst gritted her teeth. "No... the Hell gaurd!"

"The what?" Zane questioned. He snarled and held Amethyst tighter, the rest of the group brandishing their weapons at the newcomers.

"The Hell guard," Grimgor began. "They are hell's most pwerful demons, next to the demon lords. They are ruthless, brutal and powerful warriors, wielding hellish weapons and clothed in demonic armour. They are also the body gaurds for the king of dmeons himself."

"This king would be?" Jacob questioned, still eyeing the motionless guards.

"My father." Amethyst answered.

They all stared in awe as two figures came ut of the portal. One was a man with black hair at shoulder length. He was clad in the same armor as the gaurds, but he wielded two red swords. He smiled. "Well sister, seems you havn't heeded my warning."

"Deimos," Amethyst growled. Zane stared at Deimos, then at Amethyst. "My brother." Amethyst said. Zane turned to Deimos and glared, then turning his attention to a long, raven haired man wearing the same demonic armor he had seen on Alastor. He carried no weapon however. He had no emoiton on his face as he spoke.

"Amethyst... you have returned." he spoke. His voice was nothing like Alastor's. It was gentle and charismatic. Suddenly he turned to Zane and his group. "You've brought....Vampires."

"Father." Amethyst said.

Grimgor curled his fist. "The king of demon's himself. Lucifer."

"My reputatuon proceeds me," Lucifer said, glancing at Grimgor. "A demon hunter? Your appearence is quite... impecable."

"How so?" Grimgor said. He rasied his right hand, his cannon aimed directly at Lucifer.

"Grimgor, don't!" Amethyst warned. Grimgor ingonored her and pulled the firing mechanism. A cannonball explouded out of the barrel, thundering towards Lucifer. Suddenly one of the Hell guard demons leapt, slicing the cannoball with his halbred. He landed in the exact location he leapt from, and stood motionless once again.

"Whoa!" Tadrith remarked.

"Impressive." Piper said.

Deimos smiled. "These are the vampires that are to take control of the old ones? Ha!"

Zane's eyes opened wide. "How?"

Deimos laughed. "Zane, Zane, Zane. You should realize that we demons know much about your species. We have especially taken interest in a certain prophecy..."

Zane curled his fist. "Why you little..." Amethyst struggled to hold Zane back when a loud horn blared into their ears. The vampires and Grimgor covered their ears while the demons merely stared off into the horizon.

"It's started."Lucifer said. Suddenly he clapped his hands and a bright red light engulfed everyone. Zane held onto Amethyst and covered his eyes...

When he opned them again, he viewed a hellish sight. Thousands upon thousands of demon soldiers began to march over towards them. Zane realized they were atop a castle, and that thousands of demons stood below them. At the head of them stood the Hell guard, roaring challenges at the approaching demon army. Zane turned to Amethyst who had a look of terror on her face. Zane stared back and gasped, hundreds upon thousands of battle ready skeletons emerged from the earth, wailing horriying screams.

"The skeletons have risen,"  Amethyst said clenching her fists. "Damn you Alastor!"

"This is what I warned you about Amethyst," Lucifer spoke. "Your skeleton giant, although powerful, is easily replicated and can be multiplied by the thousands, creating an army of the dead. An army that grealty outnumbers the demons still under our banner."

"Well hope you're happy sister," Deimos spoke. "You and your friends are going to help us battle."

The entire group's eyes went wide open. "WHAT!" Chao yelled. He began to spin around and panick.

"CHAO!" Jacob roared. Chao stopped and stared at him. Jacob shook his head and turned to Zane. "So vampire, we going to fight?"

Zane gazed at Jacob, then at his group, then at Amethyst. She looked up at him, her eyes sparkling with the same glow he had seen many years ago, when they first met. He sighed. "We really don't have much of a choice now do we?" Amethyst smiled back at him.

Grimgor coughed, grabbing everyone's attention. "We still have the problem of overcoming the army," he said.

Amethyst eyes grew cloudy. "I think I have a way..."

The End

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