The Demon Hunt [Part 2]

Finally they reached it, the entrance of Hell, a place that non of them had ever even dreamed of coming to one day. Holli shuttered and Jacob held her close to his trembling body. Grimgor starred harshly at Jacob's hand on his adopted-daughter's side. Chao had been flung over Tadrith's back and left there as Piper stood behind, laughing in his face. But unlike all the rest, Zane wasn't really bothered by this site. 

They made their way through a slight labyrinth of abandoned skulls, skulls that ranged from those of humans into all of the mystical creatures of their world. It had the eerie smell of death, and yet that of smoke and burning flames mixed with the hot bubbling magma which laid a ways ahead of them. Strange creatures swirled above their heads, cawing a cracking laugh, their flesh comfortably set in flames. Further on they reached an area with six full body skeletons, whose bones were scattered randomly on the floor. 

Zane stopped. "Something doesn't seem right," He mumbled looking at the bones. 

"What do you mean?" Piper asked, walking out in front of Tadrith. 

A gust of debris filled wind swirled past their heads and around the old skeleton bones. The bones came to life and reconstructed themselves into six fully formed and fully functional skeletons, each with glowing golden eyes and a hellish grin. 

"Oh..." Piper sighed, her question answered. 

"One for each of us," Jacob called out, transforming smoothly into his were-pyre form. 

"What!?" Holli gasped, her voice filled to the brim with a shriek of horror. 

"Jacob, there's seven of us," Chao muttered, pointing over at Grimgor standing behind everyone. 

"Can he do anything?" Jacob asked. 

"Of course I can!" Grimgor bellowed roughly. "Just because I'm not a vampire like the rest of you, doesn't mean I'm a useless." Everyone nodded.  

Grimgor took Holli's spot in the battle. The group charged at the skeletons. Zane lunged at the skeleton, wrapped his legs around it, and was about to bite it and stopped. There was no blood. No skin to bite. No use. It's boney fingers wrapped around his neck and started digging into him. Blood started running out of the corners of his mouth. He started kicking, trying to dismantle it. Even though it had nothing to hold it together, it was difficult to tare apart. 

Jacob had more luck. He pummeled the skeleton to the ground. The skull clenched it's teeth. Jacob dug his claws into the floor so that the skeleton was pinned down. He grabbed onto its arm with his were-pyre fangs and paid on top of it, licking at the bone. He was connecting with his dog branches. Zane watched, impressed. He had always underestimated Jacob, and now he was being proved wrong. Jacob let go of the arm and bit the head. The skeletons eyes extinguished as Jacob's strong teeth broke the skull into pieces. The whole body turned into dust underneath him. 

"Break the skulls!" Jacob yelped out. He darted towards Holli and smiled at her. "Jump on my back," he ordered. She nodded and jumped on him, grabbing his fir on his neck. He got used to her weight rather quickly. 

Tadrith smiled and grabbed onto the top of it's skull and grabbed the neck. He tipped the head back until the neck finally snapped. He tossed the head onto the ground and stomped down on it, the creature giving out a simple yelp and shattering into a pile of sand colored dust. Piper took her cutlas and swung at the creature. She planned out her movements gracefully. She tried stabbing at it, but it knelt backwards. She jumped over it quickly and grabbed it by it's eyeholes. She didn't expect it to burn but she didn't stop. She knocked it down to the ground, and stepped on the chest. She pulled at the head, weakening the neck attachment. The head soon popped off and she flung the skull at the wall where it burst into dust. 

Jacob bolted into the back of Zane's skeleton. Zane fell down to the ground and whenever he looked up the skeleton was just dust and he saw Jacob standing there, Holli holding a small pile of dust in her hand. He laughed slightly, and wiped off his mouth. 

Grimgor destroyed his rather quickly, and Chao was only getting chased around by his. Jacob ran up and along with Holli they brought down the final skeleton. Jacob fell down to the ground to rest for a moment. 

The wind picked up once again and the dust swirled around in the center of the fighting area. Suddenly a taller skeleton was made out, with lightning bright white eyes and a spiked bat. He tilted his head to the side and started swinging at the group. 


Amethyst made her way down a long stairwell. She knew very well were this one leaded. She stopped right before the entrance way and peered around the corner to see Alastor sitting. He was keeping an eyes on a area in front of his castle. Who could he be watching there? She thought to herself. With a closer look she made out Zane's figure. Her eyes widened and she gasped. She turned out of the doorway in fear that he had heard her. 

She pressed her ear to his wall. "Wait till I kill you off for good," He laughed. "It was only a matter of time before you stumbled in here. But you couldn't honestly think I'd let you out of here alive." She lowered her eyebrows. She looked back around, and saw the figure of the giant Skeleton King. 

"Amethyst, what are you working on?" Alastor asked, running his fingers along her desk as she studied the last few pieces of her work. 

"I call him Skeleton King," She cheered, showing him the finished model. "He can suck the life out of whoever his opponent is. Any attack is worthless on him. He'll basically just pick you up, cut you open with his power, and you die a slow and painful death. Simple, but completely effective.

"He's pretty amazing Amy," Alastor praised. "Your father would be proud to see how much your helping out to our rein."

"That he would," She gleamed.

He was never proud. And sure wouldn't be now, knowing that the Skeleton King was in the hands of Alastor, who was now his enemy. 

Amethyst transformed into a skeleton and slipped on her old goblin mask. She spread out her wings, and flew down the staircase and out of the castle. She jumped on the spirit of Piper's old horse and rode into the arena where she knew Zane would be. 

There the Skeleton was, and Zane, as figured, was darting towards it, Jacob running beside him. Amethyst rode in front of them, and they stopped.

"What now?" Jacob growled. Zane smiled his bloodthirsty smile and pounced towards her. She moved the horses head so that it would block Zane from her. Zane barred his teeth and growled at her.

She looked up at the giant skeleton. "That's enough," She hissed. "Don't waste your energy on them. Remember who your real master is!"

"That voice sounds familiar," Chao mumbled.

The Skeleton King's eyes dulled down. It slowly morphed into dust and filtered away into the air.

Zane approached her. "Thank you for your assistance." He bowed. "Please masked stranger, may I know your name? I would like to thank you personally." 

"My name?" She asked. "You already know my name." He looked at her confused. She transformed back into her old body and slid the mask off.   

The End

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