The Demon Hunt [Part 1]

Grimgor scratched his head as he and Zane's group came towards a large clearing. It was charred and lifeless, any forms of plants or animals being burned in the large fire that occurred there. The group stared in wonder while Tadrith turned to Grimgor.

"Where exactly are we?" Tadrith questioned Grimgor. He looked around as his horse was becoming agitated by something.

Grimgor stared at the clearing before producing a large sack from his supply pack. "You need to find the demon right? Well first you need to know where to find hell... without dying." He then shook the sack, whih made a loud jingle of coins being tossed around.

"How much do you have in there?" Chao questioned, eyes hungrily staring at the sack. Jacob socked him in the head with his fist.

"Shut up Chao!" Jacob growled at him. Chao rubbed his head and stuck his tongue out at Jacob.

"Father who exactly is the money for?" Holli asked her adoptive father. Grimgor tightened his grip on the bag before tossing it to the middle of the clearing. In a lightning move he whipped out his hammer and aimed his cannon at the bag. Everyone else dismounted and readied their weapons as well.

"Ummm... why are we drawing our weapons?" Piper asked. Grimgor opened hism outh to speak when a large rumble shook the earth. Suddenly the ground beside the sack explouded, sending dirt and dust into the air. Zane covered his eyes and gasped. Standing in front of them was a large serpent like creature with numerous hissing heads. Atop the beast was a tall and slender figure brandishing a large whip. As the dust settled, Zan observed that the creature was a hydra, covered in battle armor and it's rider was a pale looking elf with strange twisted armor. 

"A dramatic entrance as always Skrarl BackBlade." Grimgor adressed the rider on the hydra.

The rider smiled. "A drucchi is always trained to impress." He then snapped his fingers and the hydra lowered its body, its heads becoming a bridge that allowed Skrarl to descend towards the group. He smiled, glancing at the weapons the group had drawn. "Now, now, you need not draw your weapons at me. After all, I can kill you all where you stand in a blink of an eye."

"Wanna bet?" Jacob snarled.

"We come not to have a fight dark elf, merely to ask for a guide." Zane cooly spoke, placing a hand on Jacob's shoulder. "Right Jacob?" Jacob growled again before brushing Zane off his shoulder."

"A guide you say," Skrarl said rasing an eyebrow. "Tell me, where is it exactly you need me to guide you?"

"Our destination is Hellesmere." Grimgor answered him, his voice low. Skrarl hissed at Grimgor, then at the group.

"Why the hell would you want to go there for?"

"We need to "retreive" a friend of ours." Holli spoke, lowering her sword. Skrarl stared at her, then at the sack at his feet.

"And I receive this if I assist you?" Skrarl questioned. Holli nodded. Skrarl turned to Grimgor. "You really are going to follow them aren’t you?"

Grimgor nodded. Skrarl then motioned his hydra foreword. One of the monster's head slunk towards the sack, then it picked it up in its mouth. Skrarl leapt, landing on another serpent head, which brought him to the saddle. "I'm going to regret this very, very badly." Skrarl said to himself. "Follow me death-seekers," he said motioning to the group. They all mounted their horses and began to follow Skrarl. Grimgor sighed and walked beside Zane.

"Hope this "queen" of yours it worth this."

"She is." Zane said, staring ahead. Amethyst, I'm coming for you.


Amethyst stared blankly at the bars in front of her. She, the great demon queen had been bound in chains and sent in a cell to rot, or at least until Alastor found some other use for her. She glanced through the bars at the horned demon guard in front of her. He was sleeping on the wall in front of the cell, holding a large sword and a set of keys in his hands. Amethyst attempted to reach for the keys, but was unsuccessful. She sighed and sat back down, staring at the torn maid clothes she wore. She palced her head between her legs and began to cry softly.

“I’m sorry Zane.” Amethyst said to herself. What Zane said before was partly true. She had first joined Zane’s quest out of boredom, but now she really was in love with him. Ironic, I was aiming to break his heart, not the other way around. Amethyst sighed again then wiped her tears away with her sleeves. “How can I get out of here?” Amethyst said out loud. Suddenly a large chill went down her spine. She turned around to the guard, who was now trembling as a black smoke enveloped him. He let out a muffled yell as the black shadow entered his body. Then his body was still. Amethyst stared and tried to recall where she had seen such a feat. Suddenly it hit her, only two demons were powerful enough to posses another demon. Her father and…

“Another fine mess you’ve gotten yourself into little sister.” The demon spoke, his voice regal and majestic. Amethyst smiled.

“Long time since I’ve seen you around Deimos.” Amethyst answered back. Deimos let out a hearty laugh.

“So tell me sister how has your life been? A living hell I suppose?” Deimos sneered. He then smiled and snapped his fingers, setting Amethyst free.

“Why are you helping me?” Amethyst asked.

“Come on sis, we’re family! Is it too unbelievable that I was doing this as a gesture of love and compassion towards my heart-broken sister?” Deimos said, holding his hands to his heart.

Amethyst rolled her eyes. “Cut the crap Deimos, you don’t know the meaning of those words.” 

Deimos smile disappeared. “Well your right I suppose. Actually I’ve come to seek assistance.”

“Assistance in what?”

“Hell is on the brink of civil war sister.” Deimos stated. “That pompus fiancée of yours and father’s army are going to war. Bloodshed is inevitable so we were hoping you would talk to him.”

Amethyst looked away. “Alastor is not my fiancée.” As Amethyst spoke, her vampyric features began to appear.

Deimos stared at Amethyst. “A vampire,” he spoke. He then turned around and looked at the ceiling. “I have no business with you any longer.” He then turned to Amethyst. “Farewell sister.” Suddenly, he screamed and a black stream of smoke exited from the demon’s body. The body collapsed on the floor while Amethyst stared at the blood red sky her brother’s shadow cloud had made.

“I’m coming Zane. I’m coming.” Amethyst spoke out loud before leaping from the ground. In a flash of fire, wings appeared from Amethyst back and she began to fly away from her prison, and towards her king…







The End

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