At Grimgor's abode.

"Sandwiches?" Grimgor asked, smiling at Holli who was sitting right next to him. They were all sitting at a circle-shaped wooden table. Each one had a cup of hot tea in front of them. Jacob was starring blankly into the cup, the taste didn't appeal to him. Piper poured hers out onto the floor, and did the same for Tadrith without him noticing. He attempted to drink some only to find it to be empty. Zane sat depressingly stirring the hot tea with his finger. 

"I want one," Chao yelled out, breaking the silence of all the tired vampires that sat around the table. "And another cup of tea please." 

Grimgor looked at him with wide eyes, "You already had twelve cups. I don't really have any tea left. And please don't eat all the sandwiches either, save some for the others." He pounced across the table and grabbed the plate from his hands. He slowly backed back into his chair and started munching down. 

"Are you going to drink that?" Chao asked Jacob, starring at his untouched cup of tea. Without a word he shoved the glass over to him. 

"So what brings all of you here?" Grimgor asked, sitting back down at the table in between Holli and Zane. 

"We heard that your a 'demon slayer'," Piper answered before Zane could even lift his head off of his hand. "And we knew that you were skilled at finding and getting to them. So we've come here for your assistance." 

"Assistance in what?" He asked slowly. 

"Finding a certain Demon," Tadrith answered. "See our buddy Zane here had a pretty little demon girl, who left. We need to get her back before it's to late. We need you to help find her." 

"Sure," Grimgor spoke proudly. "What's this demon girl's name?"

"Amethyst," Zane mumbled harshly, not looking past the depths of his tea cup. 

Grimgor looked at him, and then bowed his head down. "Why does that name sound so familiar?" He asked himself, loudly. He rubbed his chin. Suddenly he stopped. He stood up forcefully almost knocking the table over. All he managed to do was throw all the tea cups on the ground and all of Chao's sandwiches along with them. "You mean the Queen?! You expect me to help you find the Queen? We're going to wander into the depths of hell and kidnap the Queen!" 

"She's half vampire now," Chao added. Everyone glared at him. He sunk slowly underneath the table. 

"Father you must help," Holli pleaded. "It's the prophecy. Who knows what Alastor will do to her. Don't think of it as kidnapping, but more of a rescue mission." She looked up at him with puppy-dog eyes, which Jacob found quite amusing. Grimgor knew he couldn't deny his adopted daughter.  

"I guess it wouldn't kill me," He groaned, even though he figured that really it would. 

"So how do you suppose we get there," Piper asked, leaning back in her chair. 

"Leave it to me I will find a way," Grimgor bragged. Zane stood up and walked over to the door, the doorknob readily in his hand.

"Well let's not waste any time," Zane muttered sharply. 

The End

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