Grimgor's secret.

Jacob smelled the cannonball before it hit. He dived at Holli, knocking her aside while he screamed, "Everyone hit the dirt!"

Tadrith, Piper and Zane heeded his warning and ducked but Chao stared dumbfounded.

"What are we all.." he asked puzzled. Suddenly a cannonball rammed Chao and he was sent back down the mountain summit at a breakneck speed. he hit the ground with a crash and was imbedded some feet into the ground.

"Chao!" Jacob yelled. He then ran back down the mountain to help Chao. Tadrith then began to yell orders.

"Master Zane, Piper follow me!" Tadrith yelled. "He turned to Holli. "Assist Jacob!"

"But.." Holli argued.

"No arguing!" Move!" Tadrith yelled, punching the ground in front of him. It then rose up and flung Holli backwards, saving her from being crushed by an oncoming cannonball. Tadrith glared at the figure firing at them. Suddenly it leapt from its home and began to charge at them. Zane felt the ground rumble as the giant warior charged towards them. Zane hissed and charged towards the figure. "Master wait!" Tadrith yelled. Tadrith and Piper ran right behind Zane, albeit at a slower pace.

Grimgor smiled. The three demons ran towards him. "Stupid creatures" Grimgor thought. Suddenly he flared his nostrils. "Something's wrong. They smell like demons and... Vampires?" Grimgor slowed down but was knocked back as Zane leapt and punched Grimgor in the face. Grimgor reeled back but quickly regained his footing. Zane went to throw another punch but Grimgor easily dodged it and elbowed Zane in mid-air. Zane groaned as he fell down the mountainside. Piper lept over Zane's body and thrust her cutlass at Grimgor. Grimgor lifted his arm and blocked her thrust. He spun and kicked Piper out of the air. She flew back down the mountain.

"Taaaaaaadrith!" Piper yelled. Tadrith jumped and grabbed Piper. They both flew down the mountain. They landed near Zane, Jacob and Holli who were around Chao's body.

Zane spat out blood. "Well that didn't go too well."

"You think?!" Jacob yelled. Zane and Jacob went to punch each other when Tadrith and Piper came between them.

"Zane please settle down!" Piper yelled holding Zane's arms.

"Yes, please violence should be directed to our enemy not ourselves!" Tadrith said holding Jacob's neck and arm.

Chao began to sir. "!" he weakly croaked. Everyone turned around and camer face to face with Grimgor DemonCrusha. Everyone had a look of fear on their face...except for Holli.

"Hey Grimgor!" She said waving her hand. Grimgor smiled and picked Holli up not to crush her but to hug her.

"Holliberry!" Grimgor said. "It's been too long!" As Grimgor and Holli laughed, the rest of the group had a look of utter confusion.

"I was trying to tell you guys, Grimgor is my father. Well adopted father." Holli spoke. The rest of the group stared, jaws wide open.

Grimgor smiled. Allow me to explain. You see...

A young boy and girl were running through the snow. They were draped in torn hoods and were slowly freezing.

"Niko, we can't go on much longer!" Holli cried.

Niko wrapped her hand around Holli. "We have to Holli, they’re right behind us!"

Suddenly they heard a howl. They looked behind and saw three wolves staring hungrily at them. One of them growled and leapt. Niko and Holli braced themselves for a death that never came. They looked up and saw a large orc standing in front of them. He held one wolf in one hand and a large hammer in another. The other two wolves began to back off and then took off.

"You kids alright?" Grimgor asked...

Grimgor and Holli laughed. "Yup good times." Grimgor spoke. Grimgor placed Holli on the ground and turned to the group. "Sorry about beating you guys." he said sheepishly, scratching his helmet.

"No...problem?" a puzzled Zane said.

"All right everyone, onto ma back!" Grimgor shouted. He then grabbed everyone and placed him or her on his back. He then began to run up the mountain.

"Well this is..." Jacob began.

"Interesting." Holli finished, smiling at Jacob. Jacob's face turned red and he looked away. Zane looked over and laughed, right as Grimgor came to the door.

"So... you guys hungry?" Grimgor asked. 


The End

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