Fixing Zane's Mess

Zane stared at the blue sky above him. His group had been iding for hours now, in the direction Holli had informed them of. Zane closed his eyes. Although it was technically dead, his heart ached. The woman he loved, was a demon and his queen of prophecy. He remembered what had happened only a couple horus ago. Amethyst had pleaded foregiveness from him, after he found out she was engaged to the demon Alastor. He shunned her, and now they had to find her, lest the prophecy be broken. Zane turned his head to check on his group. Chao was sleeping atop his horse, Jacob and Holli were making small talk and Piper had her arms around Tadrith atop his horse. Zane smiled as he remembered that Piper's horse had "suddenly died"

"Piper probably thought I didn't see the bite marks on its neck." Zane thought to himself. he then turned to Holli. "Wherwe exactly does this "demon slayer" live?"

Holli answered back. "Right atop that mountain." Zane looked at the mountain ahead of him. Holli had toldthem in order to find a demon, they would have to find someine who was adept to hunting demons. Seeing as how thier first choice, the Paladins were apalled by vampires, the decided on their second choice.

"Who knew i'd have to go for an Orc to solve a problem." Zane said out loud. Tadrith spoke.

"Don't be so judgemental master," he began. "Altough many orcs are savage and stupid creatures, the Orange orcs are quite different. They are master fighters, proficient in all weaponry and are excellent demon slayers, seeing as they are half demon themselves. They were a product of wizard experimentation, madmen trying to make ultimate demon slaying machines. They perfected it but the Orcs fled, stil having a bit of wild orc blood in them. Suprisingly enough though, they are also very adept scholars."

Chao laughed. "The day i see a smart orc is the day a giant boar or something around that size falls from the sky!

Tadrith shook his head while Jacob whipped an empty vial at Chao's head. Normally a throw like that would only injure someone but this was Chao Jacob threw it at. He began to overreact and acted as if he was dying.

"The light... it's fading from my eyes!" Chao groaned. He slowly tileted backwards until he was laying down on his horse, eyes closed and tounge sticking out. Everyone let out a hearty laugh.

"That's not very funny Chao." Holli said, trying to contain her laughter. The gropu continued laughing until they reached the summit of the mountain.

In a fairly large cabin at the near-top of the mountain, a large figure loomed over a teloscope. It was a large, orange creature, who adjusted his telescop sights to get a better look at the group who were scaling his mountain. He then lifted his head from observing and sniffed the air. He then growled and turned to a large closet behind him. He then rummaged through the closet which contained many grisly trphies form past hunts. Severed demon heads, swords and suits of armor stood at one end of the room while a plethora of weapons, and a large suit of armor stood at another. The orc picked up a very large hammer. At the end of it it read "Property of Grimgor DemonCrusha" Grimgor smiled and started to put his armor on. On his back he attached a small cannon, activated when he pulled a gear in his right arm. Picking up his hammer, Grimgor marched out of the closter and to the window of the cabin. He aimed his cannon straight at Zane' group.

"This'll teach dem demons to stay off my mountain!" Grimgor yelled. He pulled a trigger in his right arm and a cannonball flew out, aimed straight for the group.

The End

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