The Demon's Past

"You filthy vampire," Alastor hissed. He wrapped his fingers around Zane's neck. "Who do you think you are hanging on my fiance like that?" Zane chocked as his eyes starred at him. He stopped struggling and hung there. He blinked awkwardly.

"What the hell are you doing here Alastor?" Amethyst growled. The rest of the group stood behind her, speechless. Tadrith had his hand cupped over Chao's mouth to keep him from any sudden outbursts.

"I've come to get you back," Alastor jeered. Zane looked back at Amethyst, his eyes bore through her heart like a dagger. She looked away.

She turned around, "You guys take the dog. I got this."  The group walked away slowly. Amethyst bit her lip and rubbed her head. "Alastor, I'm not going back."

"You're coming back," Alastor yelled.

"I rule you," She screetched. "Now put him down."

"I'm not putting the filthy vermin down until you are under my control. It's your choice."

"Isn't it apparent to you that I'm a vampire now too," She hissed. "You won't love me anyways. Now put him down!" Alastor stood his guard. She narrowed her eyebrows. "You leave me no choice. I'm going to have to kill you now." Alastor smiled. He knew that this woudl be an interesting fight. He tossed Zane to the side. Zane rolled weakly across the ground and laid there partially conscious.

Alastor restored his suit of armor, but Amethyst only grew a pair of fiery wings. Her eyes glowed in a crimson flame, and took her sword and took flight. She took the sword and with her renowned strength stabbed through the metal of his strong armor. She flew upward and cut from the mid section of his chest all the way to the back of his head, breaking his helmet in two. She smiled as his face was now vulnerable. From there she kicked off the rest of his armor, and for the first time he was just in normal clothing.

He took out a sword of his own and they were now almost evenly matched. They spun around for while, swords clanking at every moment that the blades met. Alastor soon grew tired of the worthless sword swinging and grabbed her.

She bit his neck and ran her fangs down his neck and around to his face. With her free hand she took a small dagger from her pocket and sliced it down his face. Blood soaked her shirt and his mouth. He tightened her grip and forced her to cough up the blood she hadn't yet swallowed. She bit into his hand kneeded his stomach, causing him to throw her down on the ground.

She rolled over to Zane, who looked at her weakly. "I'm so sorry," She whispered to him.

"Save it," He growled breathlessly. "You used me didn't you?"

"What?" She shreaked. "No I didn't."

"Just go," He grumbled. "You've hurt them all enough."

"But Zane-"

"Leave!" He hissed. Tears started filling in her eyes which lost their glow now. She looked over at Alastor.

She walked up to him and held her wrists out in front of her body. She swallowed hard, "Take me." He smiled at her surrender.

"Good choice vampire," He jeered. He took her and dissapeared into a puff of red smoke. Zane fell to the ground. He sunk his fangs into his bottom lip.

"Chao, can you lend a hand?" Jacob growled, digging his claws into the mutts blue eyes. Chao woke up from starring at Piper and Holli as the attacked the green eyed head. Tadrith had the red eyed one almost dead. 

The blue eyes one managed to get Jacob in between his teeth. "God dammit Chao, get your head in the game!" Chao rushed up and grabbed the beast by its nostrils. "Try something else!" Chao then sunk his fangs into the mutts face, making it yelp Jacob out onto the ground. The red eyed head fell crashed to the ground along with the green eyed one. It wasn't too long until Jacob's blue eyed one fell with the rest and the three headed best was finally no more.

 The group left the scene of the dead mutt and back to the feild where they left Zane and Amethyst. All they found was Zane laying on the ground.

"Where's Amethyst?" Piper asked, jumping on Tadrith's back.

"She's going back to live with her demon Fiance,"  Zane hissed coldly.

"What?" The group yelled in unison.

"She had a fiance?" Chao gasped. Zane nodded slowly. Jacob helped Zane off the ground and brushed off his shoulders.

"I'm so sorry man," Jacob sighed.

"Well what now?" Piper asked.

"Wait," Tadrith interrupted. "You had her leave with that demon dude? She's gonna die dude! Don't you know your own damn prophecy? She was supposed to leave him to come to you. You just let the enemy get away with your queen!"

Zane recited the prophecy quickly in his head and then smashed his fists into his stomach. "I'm such an idiot!"

"Yeah dude," Chao mumbled. Jacob jumped on his back forcing him face forward into the ground.

"Well you know what this mean," Holli joined in. "We got to go get her back."

The End

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