The road less travelled.

"Am I going to have to handle this all myself?" Alastor bellowed at Wendigo throwing various items around him at the creature.

"My apologies master," Wendigo whimpered. "It was the wolf."

"Than I want that wolf dead at my feet," He yelled, his eyes blazing with hell's fire. "I want that Prince's head mouted on my throne. And I want Amethyst chained up next to me. You got that?"

"Yes master."

"Send out the masked goblins," He puffed, falling into his chair, exhausted.

"Those things can't kill them off!"

"No," He groaned. "But they can keep the rest of them busy so I can get Amethyst back. As long as I have her, Zane would do anything I want him to." Wednigo praised his master's brilliance. The goblins were sent out from the depths of his domain. In a few hours they would reach the vampires. Alastor planned on keeping watch over the fight, to decifer to perfect time.

Holli watched sorrowfully as Amethyst carved Niko's name into a granite stone. Jacob wrapped his arm around her shouder. She chocked back tears. "I'm sorry," He whispered into her ear. She closed her eyes quickly. 

She bit her lip softly," I know you may find this a little crazy but..." She stopped and lokoed up at him. "...Could I possiblly be like you?" 

"You mean....a vampire?" Amethyst asked, stabbed the stone into the soggy ground. She nodded slowly.

"I have no where else to go," She muttered. "I'm as good as dead." Jacob looked up at Zane, waiting for the 'okay' signal, which he never recieved.

"Piper," Zane called out. "Here's your second chance." Piper nodded, and slipped out of Tadrith's arms.

"Why the hell can't I do it?" Jacob bursted.

"I don't know how your bite will effect a Human," Zane answered cooly. "For all we know you could just kill her. I'm sure you don't want to use Holli as your test dummy." Jacob growled, but Zane only grimaced at him. "Go ahead Piper."

Piper pounced over to Holli's side. She brushed her hair off of her neck and sunk her fangs in, as gently as possible. Holli clenched her teeth to hold back screams. Jacob grabbed her hand, which she was forcing into a fist. Piper released her fangs and moved back about a few inches. Holli calmed down and loosened her grip.

"How are you feeling?" Jacob asked. She opened her red eyes and smiled with her newly formed fangs. "She's a vampire."  She laughed.

"M-m-m-m-m-m," Chao stuttered.

"What is it?" Tadrith snipped. Chao pointed his finger out into the forest. "I can't see what your pointing out. Chao what's your problem?"

"Jacob, it's those monsters," He scretched. Jacob's eyes widened as he saw them come out of the shadows of the trees.

"What are they doing here?" He asked himself, thinking that no one else woudl know the answer. Chao grabbed his sword, and so did Tadrith, who stood up with Piper on his back. Thousands of arrows were shot in towards them, a fewhitting Chao right in the chest. Tadrith laugehd to himself and ran at them with his sword.

"Well at least they don't have explosives," Chao grumbled, pulling the arrows out of his chest. The ground blew up beneath him blowing him into Amethyst's arms. She looked down at him, puzzled. "Well hey pretty lady," He said smoothly. She dropped him.

Tadrith ran into the corwd of monsters and flung his arms, knocking them over. Jacob growled and charged across the ground, attempting to morph into his wolf alter-ego. His fur was now a shimmering gray, his wolf eyes beat red, and bat wings which ascended from his back. He thirted heavily for blood, and licked his extra sharp fangs. He charged into the crowd and jumped onto one of the goblins, sinking his teeth into its chest, pulling blood out right by the heart.

Chao ran back and followed Tadrith as he slashed the monsters with his sword. Jacob continued killing each one off one by one with his newly formed teeth. He scratched at the others while he was busy sucking down the lucious blood of each monster.

Amethyst grew tired of standing on the side lines while the others got to fight. "If Piper can do it, I shoudl be able to ten times better," She thougt to herself. She bolted into the front of the crowd. She barred her fangs at them. She grabbed Tadrith's sword and stood back to back with him. "You fight with your fists, and i'll use the sword," She muttered. He nodded.

She swung violently, jumping around in the group, never missing a single target. Zane watched her completely stunned. A masked goblin climbed onto his shoulder.

"Isn't she pretty?" He asked, thinking it was someone else. No one answered, so he turned his head. he screamed and threw it off of his shoulder. He pounced onto the monster and dug his fangs into it's face, ripping the skin off of it's skull. He used his fist to punch it through the chest and kicked it into the air. It fell like a feather to the ground, and Zane stood up quickly and jumped into one of the trees so he could watch her fight in peace.

She stabbed a few through the stomach, and sunk her teeth into a few. She flipped on the back of one that attempted to lunge at her. She tore the skin off of its neck and feasted on it blood. Once she was fed up she twisted it's head snapping it's neck.

Suddenly one grabbed her at the waist. She flipped downward and grabbed its head. She pulled it by it's ears and ripped the head off of it's neck. She grabbed the mask off of another before slashing its torso with her sword. She put the mask on her face, and slipped into the crowd. She used his sword to silently bring down many of the goblins, and the arm started falling faster as Tadrith ripped them apart and Jacob tested his new were-pyre abilities. Over-all it was a gruesome yet interesting fight. 

Holli shuttered as she laid on the tree that Zane was in. When he looked down he noticed one goblin making it's way towards her. He leaped down onto its back and took it down from there. When he looked up he noticed scratches on Holli's face. She looked up at him weakly.  

"Get up in that tree," Zane suggested. "If one somehow makes it up there bite it. Don't be afraid to rip it to shreds. When he turned around he noticed Piper cheering as the final goblin was brought down. The army laid dismantled on the ground, all of them dead. Everyone had only a few scratches, but the damage they delt was all that mattered.

"It's not over," Amethyst panted.

"What do you mean?" Jacob asked, returning to his regular form.

"Dog," She muttered.

"Are you guys almost done making fun of me yet?" Jacob hissed.

"No, not you," She grunted. "Cerberus."

"Who the hell is Cerberus?" Chao questioned.

"To put it plainly, a three headed demon dog." Chao's eyes widened and Piper jumped onto Tadrith's back.

"I'll bring that puppy down," She cheered, full of energy.

Zane walked up to Amethyst and held her face in his hands. "You did a great job out there," he muttered. "You deserve a good rest."

"No Zane," She grumbled breathlessly. "I know how to take it down. Plus I'm really good at this." He looked at her with doubt, and she assured him it would all be alright. He finally nodded,a dn she smiled at him with a great deal of pride. He softly kissed her forehead, which caught her off guard. "Be careful."

Zane was flung back by his neck. He was lifted into the air and he struggled to be freed. He looked up quickly to see a demon's face, glarring at him. It was Alastor.

The End

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