Money is only a bite away part 2

Above the great forest, a monsterous figure flew overhead. It was as white as a ghost with large bat-like wings and oversized canines. Wendigo flared his nostrils as he caught wind of hundreds of human. He looked below and found a group of lumberjacks busily cutting wood.

"Nothing like a little snack to get me prepared for the main course!" Wendgio laughed as he dived bombed a lone lummberjack. The poor fellow didn't even see Wendigo coming and was drained completely dry in a matter of seconds. Wendigo then turned his attention to the advancing group of lumberjacks.


Zane's group were led to a large village after hours rambling through the forest. It had a stone wall surrounding it and a gate with two towers. Gaurds watched over them as Holli and Niko approached a weary looking gaurd. The gaurd looked at Niko and Holli, then at the group. He nodded and yelled to the gaurds to open the gate. The gate suddenly sprang open and they walked through it. Inside they were faced with very dreary lookin houses, coloured white and made of stone and wood. The citizens as well blended with the dreary landscape. They all had frowns on their fae and stared at the group who stood out like a bloody knife. Jacob covered his nose and growled.

"They're burning something,"Jacob began. He then looked to his left and saw a grusome sight. It was a large pit filled wih fire. A long line of people were standing near the pits. One by one, gaurds threw them into the pit. Some laughed, some cried and others merely held their breath. Many of the group who had turned to see what was happening, turned their heads and closed thier eyes as the terrified and dying screams of the burning citizens assaulted their ears 

"What the hell are they doing?" Piper yelled.

"The gaurds are burning the "witches" and "demons" of the town under orders from the mad king himslef." Niko answered in disgust. Tears began rolling out of Holli's eyes, which she  wiped away with the sleeve of her cloak They then stopped and dismounted thier horses near a stable. As they followed Niko and Holli into a castle, Zane couldn't help but admire the area.

"Perfect base of operations." Zane thought. Someday he would return here, and the city would be his. A comment from Tadrith snapped him back to reality.

"Master, are you alright?" Tadrith asked. Him and Piper had been waiting for him while Niko and Holli had led the rest of the group into a chamber inside the castle. Zane then realized they were in a library. Holli began to look aorund to see if anyone was watching. Niko then pulled a book out of the shelf. But, as Zane discovered, was actually a lever leading to another chameber after going down a flight of stairs. The group went down and arrived in a dark chamber.

"Luminous." Niko said. Suddenly the chamber came alive with light. In the middle of the room was a large table. At the front seat of the table stood two figures. A man and woman with brown hair and green eyes. They stared at Niko and Holi, then they stared at the group. Niko and Holli bowed. Holli motioned to the group to do the same. All the vampires bowed..except for Zane.

"Greetings Niko and Holli." the woman Sophia Sandoval spoke. She then stared at Zane

"Why do you not bow your head boy?" Gustav questioned, his voice like the crash of thunder. He adressed this directly to Zane. 

"I feel as if I must talk to you, my lord and my lady as an equal. I was once a prince as well, therefore entitling me this obligation." This earned him a small applause from Sophia but a glare from Gustav.

"Niko, Holli! Why do you bring these commoners into our prescence?" Gustav spoke.

As Niko opened his mouth to speak, Zane interrupted him. "We are here to help you get rid of your "mad" king."

Sophie and Gustav stared at him, shocked. "What do you think brother?" Sophie asked Gustav.

"I say good." Gustav answered back. Gustav then turned to Zane. "You realize for assiting us, you will be paid handsomely?"

"Hell yeah!" Chao shouted. A glare from the entire group and a thump in the head by Jacob and Tadrith shut him up.

"What my very close to being beaten friend is tryin to say is yes we do know." Zane apologized. Sophie and Gustav nodded. But before anyone could say another word, a messanger burst from the stairs. His face was red and sweaty, he was panting hard and clutching his arm. Blood was dripping from it.

"We're under attack!" he weakly yelled before falling on the ground. Everyone rushed to his side.

"Gustav, take everyone and go. Me and the women will take care of this man." Sophie ordered. Everyone nodded except for Piper.

"Oh no, I'm going!" she firmly stated. Sophie rolled her eyes. "Fine but I'll need some help. Amethys and Chao began to walk towards her. Tadrith grabbed Chao by the collar.

"Where do you think your going smart-mouth?" Tadrith questioned. Chao grinned.

"Oh well I thought i'd just be in the way, so I'll stay and help these lovely ladies." Chao said. Tadrith rolled his eyes and pulled an arguing Chao up the stairs, right behind the rest of the group.


Wendigo laughed as he threw another fleeing gaurd into the air. The poor man landed on his back with a resounding crack. Most of the gaurds lay dead on the ground while the rest began to flee. A lone figure stood against Wendigo. An old man with ornate armor, a long beard and wild eyes yelled a challenge to Wendigo.

"Take this vile demon! Ferdinand Rodelero yelled. He ran towards the great white demon, his sword swinging. His valient effort was in vain however. Wendigo merely side-stepped his slash and stuck his claw into his chest. Blood poured out of the wound as Wendigo lifted the body in the air and began to drink the blood leaking out. He licked his lips, savouring the taste when two blots hit him in the arm. He looked up and saw a group of people, swords and crossbows drawn, facing him. Wendigo smiled and ripped the body from his hand. He tossed the remains aside and screeched.

"It's another Varghulf!" Tadrith shouted covering his ears. The group did the same until Piper began to raise her hands.

"No!" Zane cried. "Don't do it Piper!" 

Piper ignored Zane. Her hands began to glow as she attempted to lift Wendigo off the ground.

"Foolish witch!" Wendigo cried. He then curled his fist and suddenly Piper was sent flying into the wall beind him.

"Piper!" Tadrith yelled. He then roared at the beast and charged him. Wendigo attepmted the same move he used on Ferdinand but to no avail. Tadrith ducked in the nick of time and sent his sword right through Wendigo's arm. Wendigo merely laughed before sending Tadrith crashing to the ground. He then screeched at the group, which sent them all flying back a couple of meters away. Jacob and Holli however had dug their swords into the ground and were only pushed a foot or so back.

"You die now half-blood!" He yelled to Tadrith, bringing up his foot to crush Tadrith's skull.

"NO!!! Jacob cried. He then charged Wendigo, Holli right behind him. He leapt, hoping to injure the beast the way he had injured his first Varghulf. However Wendigo batted him away with one  powerful flick of his tail. Behind him Holli leapt but was grabbed in mid-air by Wendigo. She attempted to break free, which only made the Wendigo squeeze harder.

"Help!" she cried hoarsely. Niko yelled and began to ran towards Wendigo as well.

"I've had enough of this," Wendigo shouted. He then lunged at Niko, crushing his upper torso with his powerful jaws. Niko uttered no sound but a snap was heard. Wendigo then released him, and Niko's body fell to the ground like a rag doll.

"No!" Holli cried, tears running down her face. She then screamed in pain as Wendigo began to tighten his grip. Suddenly a large howl caught everyone's attention. A large, brown-furred wolf snarled at the Wendigo. By it's side was Jacob's sword.

"Jacob is the..." Holli began. But she was interrupted as the were-wolf/Jacob began to sprint towards Wendigo.

"Finally i find you dog!" Wendigo shouted with glee. He then threw Holli and rushed towards the were-wolf/Jacob, baring his fangs as well.

Zane then rushed to Holli's side. Tadrith got up and rushed to Piper's side, picking her up in his arms. Chao and Gustav ran up to Niko's body. Chao held his breath while Gustav closed his eyes and kneeled.

"You were very brave Niko," he began. He then closed Niko's eyes. "Rest in piece my friend.

"Piper, Piper wake up!" Tadrith shouted. He began to shake her and was on the verge of tears when she began to stir. Piper awoke staring into Tadrith's eyes.

"Hey there handsome." she said weakly. Tadrith then pulled her close to him and hugged her. Suprised, Piper began to turn a pinkish colour. When Tadrith pulled away, he smiled at her. This made her blush more violently and she covered his face in his chest. Tadrith began to stroke her hair.

"Glad to see your ok." he said. Suddenly he turned to see how Jacob was doing. He also saw that Zane and Holli were observing the fight as well.

The two creatures were evenly matched in speed and power. They clawed and bit at each other, but one was always quicker then the other. Then Wendigo sunk his fangs into Jacob's neck. Jacob howled in pain and proceeded to knee the Wendigo in the chest. The Wendigo yelped in pain as the blow of the knee cracked his ribs. Suddenly he began to cough out blood. More and more blood came out until he turned and glared at Jacob. He then turned and screeched at Zane. Zane responded like-wise, hissing and baring his fangs at Wendigo. Wendigo sudenly took flight and in a few moments, was out of sight from the city.  Everyone let out a breath of relief. They were all still alive. Well most of them. Jacob then howled in pain and  collapsed, reverting back to his human form. Holli and Zane ran up to him. Holli took him into her arms and placed him on her lap. She then shook Jacob.

"Please wake up!" she begged, her dried tears being replaced with new, wet ones. Zane placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Go to the others, i'll look after him. He's going to be alright. I promise. "Holli nodded and gently placed Jacob on the ground. She touched his face, then quickly retracted her hands and walked towards Gustav and the rest of the group. Zane's smile faded. Deep down he knew although Jacob was going to be alright, he would never be the same. The venom in the bite of a Varghulf merely killed a regular human. But what would it do to a were-wolf? Zabe feared this thought then brushed it out of his mind.

"No sense worrying until it actually happens." Zane thought out loud. Suddenly Jacob awoke, eyes adjusting to the light. He then turend to Zane and spoke.

"What i miss?" Jacob asked with a smile. Zane then stopped breathing, for Jacob now bared sharp bat-like teeth just as he, the Wendigo and all the other vampires had. But instead of saying something to Jacob, he merely smiled back. 

" Nothing really wolf boy, nothing at all..."


The End

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