The Blood Bath

It was a dark and stormy night. The rain pelted the roof of the inn, while momentary flashes of lighitning lit the sky. It was a truly hellish night, the wind howling like a possesed wolf. As the small Inn dubbed " The Cat's meow" stood against the onslaught of nature, a lone figure stood upon a nearby tower. A man of towering sture loomed over the small city which the tower was in. He wore a demonic helmet, etched with carvings of death and destruction. Smoke resignated form his nostrils as he breathed out. A great brodsword was tied to his back and it too was carved in the very image of hell. Suddenly a large winged creature apporached him. It was the very image of fear and terror. It had bloody red eyes, large canine like fangs and was covered in black fur. The creature spoke, its voice like the rasping voice of a wraith.

"Alassstorrrr," it spoke. "We have found our prrrrrey."

Alastor smiled at the creature. "Good" Alastor said. "Gather your brethren and lull them out."

"How sssssoooo?" the creature asked.

Alastor chuckled. "Slaughter the enire town."

The creature then smiled a horrible smile. It bared its teeth and licked its lips. Suddenly it let out a bone-chilling howl. Four more of those winged creatures appeared. They all began to howl and screech uncontrolably. Alastor covered his ears then teleported to the outskirts of the town.

"Varghulfs, he began. "Quite the asset but still incredibly agitating on the ears.


"I'm sorry Zane." Piper apologized for about the millionth time. Zane sighed.

"As i told you before apprentice, it's quite alright. You made a novice mistake. Do not kill yourself over it."

Will he be okay?" Amethyst asked. Zane smiled as he always did when Amethyst spoke her wonderfully musical and innocent voice.

"He'll be alright," Zane began. "Just needs a little blood and rest, that's all." Zane looked at the boy for a moment. According to his newest disciple Chao, the boy's name was Jacob Ornulu. "Strange name." Zane thought out loud. As he bit Jacob's neck, to insert more blood into him, he couldn't help but wonder where he had heard the name "Ornulu". "There, now all he needs is rest." Zane began. He then eyed Piper. "You must try again Piper."

Piper shook her head. The look on her face was of fear. "I never want to do that ever again."

"Well i'm sorry aprrentice but you must and you will do so!" Zane said, his voice rising with every word he spoke. Soon he was yelling at Piper, who continued to express her lack of confidence. Pounding on the door shut them both up. Zane turned and saw it was merely Tadrith thumping the door with the scabbard of his sword.

"Master, why does she need to know how to convert?" Tadruth questioned.

Zane sighed and sat down on the bed. "Because if she does not learn, she will never learn to control her thirst." He then looked at Tadrith, his face was etched with fear. "And she would become a Varghulf."

Amethyst gasped. Piper and tadrith both asked him what a Varghulf was.

"A Varghulf is the animalistic and bestial side of a vampire," he began. "They are the vampires who embrace the need to drink a prey dry until it is a bloodless corpse. They are savage, bestial and wicked creatures who have no mercy for their prey."

Tadrith stared at Zane, with a look of utmost shock. He then turned at Piper who had a look of pure terror on her face. She began to shiver out of fear. Tadith made his way to Piper and wrapped his broad arms around her.

"I..I don't want to become a Varghulf." Piper said, still shaken.

"With my help, i'm sure you will never become a Varghulf. But you must learn to convert!" Zane said. He then gazed at Jacob, then at Amethyst then Piper. He sighed. "This one i shall convert but the next one will be yours!" Piper nodded her head in agreement.

Zane then leaing towards Jacob's neck. Chao gulped. "Is Jacob going to be okay?" he asked Amethyst.

"I hope so." Amethyst replied. Just as Zane took his bit and began to suck blood he stopped. His eyes then lit up,ablaze with anger. He roared, then pulled himslef far from the body. He then brought up his fist, to slay the boy when Tadrith, Piper and Chao grabbed his hand in an attempt to stop him.

"What are you doing master?" Tadrith yelled in dibeleif.

"HE'S A FILTHY CANIS LUPUS, A MAN CANIS LUPUS, a...a..." Zane shouted, slowing down to speak more clearly. Everyone stared at him in anticipation. "He is a lycan. To be more specific...

"A were-wolf?" Amethyst interrupted.

Zane nodded his head. It was a common known fact that Were-wolve and Vampires carried a blood feud that had existed for many millenia. They despised each other and their kin battled and shed much blood, in a desperate attempt to rid the world of the other. It all made sense now. "Ornulu," Zane began. "It means Ornulu as in Leopold Ornulu, the great were-wolf cheiftain, ancestor of Amadeus, the first were-wolf. The group then sat and stared at Jacob, as he began to regain conciousness.

"Where am i?" he said out loud. Suddenly he leaped to his feet, and drew a knife from his back pocket. "Filthy vapires, i'll teach you to..." A quick neck grab by Tadrith kept Jacob quiet. However he still squirmed.

"Leave it to a filthy dog to struggle when it knows its trapped." Zane remarked to Jacob.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Jaob asked.

"You know what you are, filthy were-wolf." Tadrith said.

"Are you... vampires crazy? I'm no were-wolf!" Jacob said, baffled. He broke free of Tadrith's iron grip, which surprised both of them.

"Fae it your a wolf, and now.." Zane began, drawing his sword. Suddenly a loud screech peirced their ears. They all turned around in time to see a large winged creature burst through the inn window and tackle Tadrith and Jacob through the wall.

"Tadrith!" Piper yelled. She began to urn after them when another of Varghulf burst form the ceiling and dived bombed her to the floor. It could not support the extra weight and the impact of the dive bomb and collapsed.

"Varghulf's! Zane cried. He then grabbed Amethyst and Chao and ran them to a nearby hill. In seconds he arrived there.

"Amethyst please stay here," he spoke in a gentle tone to Amethyst. He then turned to Chao. "Protect her with your life, for if she isn't here hwen i'm back..." Zane flashed his fangs at Chao. Chao grimaced. Then Zane ran back to the inn, to help his comrades.

"Take that ya oversized rat!" Piper yelled, thrusting her cutlass into the varghulf's throat. It let out a final howl before it died. As she puled her cutlass out, black blood began to ooze from the wound. Piper stared in disgust, then uttered a spell she had been taught by Zane. The body then began to burn until there was only ashes left. She then groaned as she fell to the floor, the spell proving too much for her as she collapsed out of exaustion.

Jacob could not beleive his eyes. The vampire named Tadrith was an awesome fighter and a bloodthrsty warrior. He saw Tadrith repatedly slahed one Varghulf before bringing his sword down on its large wing and severing it in one swing. Under the pressure ithad endured, the sword snapped. But Tadrith was still fighting, instead tearing the next wing wing of the Varghulf with his bare hands. Blackish blood poured out from the beasts empty sockets.It let out a howl before falling over. Suddenly another Varghulf made a dive towards Tadrith.

"Watch out!" Jacob yelled. He leaped, rasing his sword in the air before impaling it on the monsters spine. It let out a howl and tried to throw Jacob off it's back.

"Move wolfy!" Tadrith yelled, straining over the weight of the dead Varghulf body he was carrying. Jacob jumped, right as Tadrith threw the corpse with all his might. The body collided with the Varghulf. Then both bodies stood still. Jaob looked at it in awe, then turned to Tadrith. He was breathing and panting hard, sweat dripping down his face. His lcothes, hair and hands were black with Varghulf blood. tadrith then stared at Jacob.

"Good job kid." he congratulated. Jacob beamed.

Zane paried another blow from the Varghulf's claws. This one seemed to match him in speed and strength, ensuring him the batle would not be na easy one. They both dived at one another, dodged each other's blows and yelled ferociously. Then the creature flew high into the air then dived at Zane. Zane gained speed and leapt at the monster. They both collided in the air and landed standing up. Zane felt a large clawmark on his chest. Blood was beginning to drip from.

"Damnit." Zane said. Suddenly the Varghulf let out a cry and fell to the ground dead. Zane turned around and siged in releif. "It's over." Zan stared at the rising sun, witnessing the dawn of a new day...


Alastor growled in rage. The last Varghulf that returend told him that they had failed their mission. It was bloody and beat, numeous bite marks on it. Alastor struck it down in rage. He then began to leave when he noticed something about the bite marks. They were made by small bats.

"She can't have..." Alastor thought to himself. He then curled his hand into a fist. "So it seems that the popous vampires prophecy was true." He began to laugh maniaclly. "The outcome of this will be interesting. Alright Amethyst, play your game for a bit longer, it's only a matter of time until..." Alastor let out another hellish laugh then dissappeared in a puff of red smoke.



The End

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