Piper's first conversion.

"Jacob, watch out!" Chao yelled out over the roar of the explosions.

"What?" Jacob yelled back, covering his ears as they set off more and more explosives. Flaming arrows paraded down on their heads, and Jacob ran across the separating rock ground. He took out his sword and held it over his face, deflecting as many arrows as possible.

Chao slid down the side of the rock wall, rolling across the ground. Arrows spilt into his neck and stabbed his back. He pulled them out quickly, tight jawed.

It was raining stones and boulders, and a few of the opposing creatures slid down the rocks and charged at them. "What are we going to do?" Chao asked frantically.

Jacob just shrugged his shoulders, and held his sword out in front of him, noticing all the dents now implanted into the metal. "You're going to stay where your at."

Jacob charged into the crowd of masked creatures and slashed his sword. He shut his eyes as his blade sliced flesh. He heard blood curdling screams. He let his guard down for a second, opened his eyes, and saw it coming for him.

He was crushed to the ground his weak body crushed. Chao disregarded his earlier orders and ran towards him.

A shot of explosives hit the target dead on, throwing Chao up into the air. He hit the ground with enough force to set a crack through the earth. He groaned as he felt his organs wake up. All except for the one that kept him conscious.

The masked creatures all retreated, and the war settles down to a creepy silence. Jacob eyes fluttered, not able to decide wether to wake up or just let it all go. One last delayed explosion occurred, hitting the boulder dead on and shattering it into shards that stabbed at his already tender skin.   

"Chao," He muttered to his sleeping conrad. "I hate you." 


"I smell blood," Piper mumbled through Tadrith's shoulder. She licked her cold lips. Tadrith situated her weight on his back so that she wouldn't fall. "Tadrith it's fresh. Go that way." 

"That didn't take you very long, did it?" Tadrith commented. 

"I'm an expert Tadrith," She boasted. "Don't doubt my abilities. I got this vampire thing down."

"Really?" He teased. "Because I recall you having a difficult time with Zane's lesson this morning." She growled at him. She jumped off of his back and looked him in his beat red eyes. 

"I didn't want to make the rest of you feel bad," She lied through her fangs. 

"Sure," Tadrith mumbled in disbelief. She crossed her arms and cocked her head. He grabbed her and flung her onto his back. "You stay there and you stay quiet." She huffed into his ear, and he flexed his back muscles. She grimaced at him, and he bellowed out a hearty laugh. She pointed towards the smell, and Tadrith carried her there. 

"Mmm," She moaned. "That smell is so tempting. Faster Mr. Bodyguard." He walked faster. 

"Why did I agree to this?" He grumbled under his breath to himself. Piper wrapped her arms around his neck, and brushed her fingers through his hair for the rest of the walk there. "Here, happy?" 

She plopped off of his shoulders. There was a soft haze of smoke that was still lingering in the air around them. She got down on her hands and knees and tried to smell out the exact location. She stepped through piles of masked creatures, whose blood smelled rancid to her. 

She came over the bodies of two boys, one a small dark asian, and the other just a regular scrawny kid, who was still awake. She pounced over the live on and moved slowly around the small asian one. 

Tadrith wasn't far behind her. He stayed by the boy. Piper grabbed Chao's head and held it up so his neck was near her thirsty mouth. Jacob blinked, trying to clear his fogged vision. Slowly, Piper came into view.

She slid her fangs into Chao's neck. Chao flinched in pain. She sucked the blood out of the boy, enjoying the taste thoroughly. Chao slowly  opened his newly red eyes.

"Vampire!" Jacob coughed. "Your a vampire." He looked at at Tadrith, who showed him his fangs. Jacob's eyes rolled up into his head.

"Hey kid," Tadrith yelled, shaking him. "Wake up."

Piper crawled over to  Jacob, and stole his body from Tadrith's grip. She pulled down his collar to expose the skin on his neck. She held her head back, empowering her powers again. She dug her fangs into his neck, and he screamed. he squirmed and shook his head. 

"Keep still," Piper growled, not loosening her top fangs grip on his neck. 

"No, let me die," Jacob screamed. "Get off of me." He kicked at her, and she just dug her fangs down deeper. 

"Piper be gentle!" Tadrith yelled as Jacob's neck slurred out blood. She back off, releasing her fangs. Blood dripped down her chin as blood stained Jacob's shirt. he fell unconscious. 

"What'd you do to him?" Chao screamed. 

Piper was breathing heavily. "I'm sorry," she sobbed. 

"Piper don't cry," Tadrith breathed into her ear. "Zane should be able to help him." 

"I failed Tadrith," She sniffled. 

Chao started walking away, but Tadrith pulled him back. "You're coming back with us, and so is your friend." 

Tarith slung Jacob over his shoulder. Piper kept a hold on Chao's arm as she walked with her head held low. 

The End

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