Finding a bodyguard.

"Step lively comrades, don't rush him foolishly!" Tadrith yelled. Him and his ten man unit were doing their best to combat a wild Chimera. A twisted combination of a lion, goat and serpent. And just Tadrith's luck, the demon spewed fire as well. He ducked a coloumn of fire the monster had aimed at him, sadly the man behind him wasn't as lucky. He yelled in pain as the fire slowly consumed him.

"Damnit, Falin." Tadrith swore to himself. He then slashed at the snake head, which sprung at him. However the beast dodged him and sunk it's fangs into his left shoulder. Tadrith let out a groan as he fell on the ground, succumbing to the poison. His unit fled, forgetting their captain as the monster opened it's jaws near Tadrith. Drool was dripping from it's mouth. Tadrith closed his eyes, wondering how he got into this mess...

"So you say there is some monster in the forest eh?"  I questioned to a man in front of me. He wore a brown hood, had long gray hair and blue eyes.

"Yes captain," the stranger began. "This beast has been terrorizing our humble village for many months." A tear ran down his eye. "It has already killed my wife and son." Tadrith felt sorry for the man, he had lost his family to this monster adn the nearby Duke was doing nothing about it.

"Sir, you have my word, i will slay this monster!"  i yelled. I stood up and raised my sword to him, proving that i would keep my promise. He merely bowed his head.

"Thank you, thank you," he began. "  "I prosmise we will pay you back!" I merely dismissed his offer, stating that "I have yet to collect a chimera hide." As i left the inn, i turned around to ask the man something. However when i looked behind, the man was nowhere in sight.

"Strange.." I began. I then walked to the company of my men, and we marched towards the forest. Little did i know what was in store for us.

"Hmmm." Tadrith thought, suddenly snapping back to reality. The beast had not killed him. He opened his eyes, then gasped. The chimera lay dead on the groung, its serpent tail severed from the body and the goat head was gone. Ripped out, the stump of the goat head was nowhere to be found. He gazed to his left and saw two figures standing there. One young boy with black hair and a maid girl with red hair stood watching him. Then his vision went black.

"Is he alright?" Amethyst asked. Zane and her had ran to a nearby inn and rented a room. There they placed him on a bed, wondering what to to with him.

"What are you going to do Zan?" Amethyst asked.

"What do you think?" Zane asked her.

Amethyst gasped. "You don't mean to..."

"Yes," Zane spoke, cutting Amethyst off. "We need someone who is a warrior, for although Piper is a fighter, she is not discipined enough to make rational decisions. We need someone who has been in the chaos of war. We need someone who can educate us in the ways of battle if we are ever going to amass decent and skilled fighters."

Suddenly the window of the room flew open. Zane and Amethys turned to find Piper smiling at them. She wiped blood from her mouth, staining her tunic. "Who knew chimera blood tasted so...delicious." She smiled, baring sharp white fangs.

Amethyst giggled. Zane merely rolled his eyes. "Next time, control yourself apprentice, you must learn to hide your thirst for blood.

"How can i help it," Piper argued. "Ever since i drank that blood in that bottle I find it much, much more tastier than rum!" Piper suddenly stared at the man on the bed. He was muscular, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Piper smiled and meowed. "Who's the hunk on the bed?" she asked, licking her lips.

"Sory Piper, he's not on the menu." Zane said.

"Who said anything about me wanting to eat him." Piper responded. A devilish smile crossed her face. Tadrith rolled his eyes for the second time. He then turned his attention to the man laying on the bed.

"Relax friend, this will not hurt as much as you think." Zane spoke. Tadrith began to stir, right as Zane bit into his neck.

"AHHHHH!!!" Tadrith yelled. He attempted to escape, but the pain was of a multitude he had never experienced. He then passed out, his vision turning dark.

Zane wiped his lips again. " One more member to my coven." he said. Zane looked at the dusty floor below. It reminded him of home before the incident, now almost a year ago...

The End

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