Amethyst and Piper

Amethyst scratched her head in annoyance. In front of her two ragged humans, bound in chain with only a sword for protection against a large, dog like creature.

"Alastor, the obvious winner will be the hellhound." Amethyst stated. Beside her stood a seven foot tall man in twisted and spiked armour. He wore no helmet, which did not hide his almost painfully handsome face. With his long blonde hair down to his shoulders, and a well chisled face, he could have been beautiful if it wasn't for his demonic red eyes and the strange markings across his face.

"Amethyst darling, you must have more faith in these humans you never know..." he spoke. Suddenly a blood curdling scream pierced both their ears. One human lay dead, his upper torso ripped off while the other was being devoured by the hound.

"Oh yay" Amethyst cheered sarcastically. "And the winner is the mutt. The hound heard her and bared his teeth. "Oh please." Amethyst laughed. She raised her hand and a thousand winged bats flew out and attacked the hound. Within seconds, the bats ripped the hound to pieces, leaving only a slimy skeleton.

"Please dear, do try not to kill my pets?" Alastor asked. Amethyst merely roled her eys and then left the hellish arena they were in. She then took out a crystal ball. A tool which she used often, she peered into it, hoping to find something interesting. Suddenly she saw a young boy, maybe 13 or 14 years of age standing on a boulder. He was gazing at the full moon in front of him. Although Amethyst was engaged to Alastor, she was the Queen of demons, thereby entitling her to do whatever she wanted...

"Maybe i shall accompany this boy," Amethyst began. She then smiled showiing unnaturaly white teeth. "Who knows, in time he could prove to be useful for me." She then dissappeared in a flash of red.

"Aye ya scurvy dog, get yer hands of ma rum!"

A medium sized woman with blonde hair, green eyes and ragged clothes waved her cutlass at three pirates in front of her. At her feet was a barrel of rum. One pirate managaed to dogde her swing and grab the barrel.

"Oi i gots it!" he yelled, running as fast as he could. However he did not get far. A flying dagger landed in his neck. He rolled his eyes and fell to the ground, dead. The two pirates looked over his body. They then stared at the pirate lass.

"Looks like you got anudda one Cap'n Piper." one pirate said.

Piper grinned. "Course i did ya little twat!" she yelled, half drunk. Suddenly her first mate, Fredreich Barbossa appeared with five other pirates.

"Aye Cap'n how you feelin?" he ask, fondling the handle of his blade. The pirates behind him put thier hands on thier cutalsses.

"Now, now Barbossa," Piper began. "You wouldn't be tryin to usurp me now would ya?" She then twirled her sword and aimed it at Barboss's neck. "Caue ya know i can kill ya."

Barbossa laughed. "Well who said i was gonna kill ya wit a sword?"

Piper stared at him confused until all the pirates and Barbossa ducked.

"Now!" Barbossa yelled. At his command a volley of gunmen behind him fired their muskets. Piper was blown back by the force of 10 bullets hiting her body. She coughed out blood before she landed on the hard deck. She gazed at Barbosa before everything went black. 

When Piper woke up she saw blood all over her. Her tunic was covered in red. As she looked up, using all the strength she had left,  she saw a young boy and a maid beside him. Her sight was a little hazy but she could tell they both had gray-ish skins.

"V..Vampires! she spoke out loud. Piper had heard of them but never encountered one. Until now. "Well what are you waiting for?" she asked. "Kill me!"

"Why do you long for death?" the young boy vampire asked.

Piper laughed. "Look at me, i'm useless, i've got no ship, no crew and worse, no rum. Just end me already."

"What if i can grant you not just life but extra powers as well?" the boy asked.

"Piper sighed. "What the hell do i have to lose?" she thought. "Alright what is it?" she questioned.

"Just close your eyes my friend." He said.

The girl beside him suddenly hid behind him. "Zane.." she begged, innocence in her voice.

"It's alright Amethyst, i have to do it." he said to her. This apparently calmed her down as she began to look less tense.

Piper closed her eyes. In a moment she felt Zane breathing near her neck. "Try anything funny fang face and i'll..." Sudenly she screamed. The pain she felt was more than a hundred bullets hitting her. It was a fiery knife slowly prodding into her neck, She felt it burn her blood, and then everything went black.

"Welcome Piper, my vampire apprentice." Zane spoke, wiping his lips.

Amethyst helped Piper up. Suddenly Piper felt different. Stronger, faster and thirstier.

"So thirsty!" she sudenly cried. Zane opened a bottle, which Piper readily consumed.

"Soon, as the prophecy states, a new vampire race will be born." Zane quoted to himself. "And the old one...will fall!

The End

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