The Prince of Destruction

A vampire Prince destined to bring down the biggest kingdom to re-create it as his own.

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Background Information

Zane was born the prince of the greatest kingdom of Vampires. But he was cursed to one day destroy what his parents have built and create his own new breed of vampires. This will come into effect on his thirteenth birthday: which is where our story starts! 


My Thirteenth Birthday: The New Beginning 

"Happy birthday son," My father bellowed through his clenched fangs. I felt uneasy as I felt my family's deathly and hungry stares bare into my soft gray flesh. 

A birthday cake sat jokingly in front of me. I felt sick. The candles flickered their bright lights into my deadly eyes, which were watering from starring into them for such a long time. 

I thought these people were my friends, my family, the ones who were supposed to adore me and bow down to me. It didn't seem like that was even possible for them. They looked at me like I was the enemy. Mostly because I was. I didn't want to be, I was forced to be. 

I sucked up a nice heap of air. I made a small o shape with my trembling lips and slowly blew out the air. The fire flickered, and finally was killed by its enemy in the air. Gone, now a part of the air as its counter part. Now they were friends. If only we could be that way. 

Everyone starred forward and clapped their hands. I looked up at my mother who sat on the opposite end, her icy gray eyes barring into my non-beating heart. 

My father took me by the arm, sinking his fingers into the epidermis and the veins. I coughed and he pulled me out the door as fast as he could and into the morgue. 

I was hoping for a battle but I was just too weak. I feel to my knees and he took his fist and all of the power he had saved up for this moment and broke through  my chest. I coughed and blood spattered out on the grass in front of me. My eyelids fluttered and I fell backwards as everything went dark. 

He thought it was all over. Heh, I did too. 

I woke up gently in the wood casket he had locked me into. I used all the strength in my legs to kick open the door, and it pushed up tons of dirt. I climbed out, my chest aching and bleeding like crazy. But no amount of blood lost would kill me. He missed my heart. I was in luck. 

I ran off in the distance to the opposite direction of the castle. I wasn't ever going back, they weren't my family any more. 

The End

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