Prologue: The Elves of Madaramthiel

The legend of Reymu, crown-prince of Magramland, a story I have started to write at least five times, never to get very far...

Long ago, when the world was young, there existed a powerful race of elves that resided in a land called Madaramthiel.  These elves, called the Madaram, worshipped only two gods, whom they knew as Uolxan, god of darkness, and Aydhe, god of light, and they believed these gods to reside on an ancient and magical bluff in the middle of Madaramthiel.  There they built a beautiful temple for these gods, and brought them daily offerings of food and wine, and for their diligent worship the Madaram were rewarded with two great magicians born in every generation, one from each of the two gods, and these magicians soon became the rulers of their people.  They would rule jointly, as two equal kings, two equal queens, or as a king and a queen.  And thus Madaramthiel was a place of peace and harmony for many thousands of years.

        At some point, however, the magic of the bluff turned sour, and the partnered witch-kings quarreled.  When the fight escalated from words to swords, the king of darkness slew the king of light.  His covenant broken, the surviving witch-king, labeled a warlock by the rest of the Madaram, fled to the uninhabited mountains of the south, bringing with him a small group of his closest followers.  Legend has it that he also took a sword, pried from the dead hands of the other witch-king. 

       Meanwhile, the Madaram elves remained the rulers of Madaramthiel for several more centuries.  The treachery of the king of darkness, though, had caused them to shy away from darkness at large.  They ceased their worship of Uolxan, praying now only to Aydhe.  Thus, only magicians of light were ever born to them again, which left them vulnerable to attack.  And, as is the way of the world, an attack eventually came, and the Madaram fled to the forests of the west, narrowly escaping total annihilation at the hands of the human invaders.  The temple on the bluff was knocked down and replaced by a castle, and a city grew up around it, a city called Moribinu. 

        It is in this city, in the very middle of the kingdom renamed Magramland, that our story begins.

The End

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